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Character stuck in place

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After the recent update I noticed a trend with my character. If I use chain blade and load up a skill. The chain blade cursor will show up with the denied sign next to it. My character is then stuck in place, and doesn't respond to anything. I can open my inventory, friends list, map, or anything else except move the character, attack, or load a skill.

In the three times it happened, they all took place in instance areas. (The daily shadow missions, or the story instance missions). It glitched when I tried to load the skill chain impale or chain sweep but it's random when this happens.

The only fix I found was exiting the instance and then changing channels. Of course this isn't a great solution as it means you need to start the instance all over again.


  • StormbeastStormbeast
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    edited November 12, 2020
    So far there is a known issue with Chain Blades that glitch the character like that when an enemy with Counter Attack is hit...again that is a known issue
  • Are you sure its not new? I've also had this happen 3 times today, but I've never seen it until now. Also for some reason the only thing that I can do in this state is transform into paladin and use techniques. I had hoped that a transformation animation could force me out of the state, but