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G23 rest and relaxation murielle

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ok hear the thing thanks to the guardian milletian event thats been going on iv been playing catch up on the mainstream quest ( i dont know what iv would of done if i was stuck on dappulganer forever O.Q that was a nightmare) but im finely caught up to g23 which has ben fun so far ..until this.
I got the the island of manannan ...if thats how his name is spelled and started the quest ware you have to cook the meals for Murielle and Bhatair
and for the (so cute you omost die from it) Farr Darring's now i collected the mushrooms the meat the shellfish i steamed them like thay wanted i go over to Murielle to give to her....annnd she dosent take the food i made ...what am i doing wrong?!? iv try to give it to her so maning time iv try to give it to the Farr Darrings to Bhatair nothing works?!? is this a bug or am i missing something ?
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