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Guide to beating G21 Talvish Oversimplified.

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edited November 22, 2020 in Game Guides
Talvish Freaking Ruari On Steroids.
The Run Down.
QUEST: The New Divinity.
- Time Limit is 30 Mins. (GIVE US MORE TIME)
- The Boss Can Insta Kill you, usually does so after saying "I am Sorry" and using 5 Judgement blades.
- Boss has a skill that makes you unable to use crusader Skills.
- Boss Can 3 Shot you.
- Boss Can Teleport and has a passive 80% Resistance to skills, like Final Hit, Firebolt, Bash, Chain Impale.
- *Boss Is also resistant to most conventional attacks, this is a fight of attrition.
- The longer the fight goes on, the lower your chances of success.
- *Seems Resistant to the effects of Brionac.

What you Want to bring.
- A prayer
- Determination.
- Lots of Potions, Preferably SE type HP pots.
- If you have a phoenix have it cast Flames of Rebirth, before going into the battle.
- High Crit and output Weapons... you want to hurt him REAL BAD REAL FAST.

Supposedly you just hit bad guy and make fall down old school... with smash, windmill and other skills, till he is 80%, then you get god powers of your own, that do banana squeak damage on him.... just keep hitting and praying and hoping you knock him down to 30% then you win.

The Game doesn't give you time to get use to god powers, it is literally a trial by fire, the moment you get them.

So far there is no way to cheese him yet.

*= Testing:
- How effective guns are on him. Using a Black Star and REAL Mana bullets, want to try high density.
- Ninja Skills.
- Fighting Skills.
- Other magics.
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  • ZetophiZetophi
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    No I haven't beaten him. Hence why I am trying the testing section.