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Art Corner - 6th Edition

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Welcome to the 6th edition of the monthly Mabinogi Art Corner! This is a way to celebrate the wonderfully creative artists in our community. If you'd like to submit your own art, you can do so via this handy form. Selected submissions come with an added reward of the 1st Title 'the Talented Artist' (permanent, no stats)! Subsequent features will reward you with 50 Pon. Please note that this is not a contest, but rather an opportunity for us to showcase all of our talented artists! Therefore, someone who has never been featured before will be featured before another artist is featured twice!


Here are our favorite submissions the month of November ~ Please remember that the links to websites operated by third parties are not under the control, or endorsed by, Nexon and Nexon is not responsible for the contents of any linked website.


Artist: Mirasova
Character: Camiela of Nao
Instagram: @mirasova_art

"I drew my character for a winter themed art contest my guild hosted. c:"


Artist: Zucchini
Character: Mizukih of Alexina
Twitter: @DrawsZucchini[/url

"Although recently I have been playing Mabinogi very casually, I always enjoyed the customization possibilities in the game. I decided to do a little drawing of my Mabinogi character, because she is looking cute with her chick lantern (I need one of these lanterns in real life!)"


Artist: Livy.exe
Character: Livy of Nao
Twitter: @livyexe

"Smol drawing of Nao!! I hope you all like it :)"


Artist: Nye
Character: Nye of Nao
Instagram: @nyegatron

"I used to draw Mabi areas back when I first started so I decided to try again now that I'm better at backgrounds, figured I'd post it here and see if it gets shown"


Artist: CM
Character: Amydnic of Nao
Twitter: @amydnic_rx

"Drew my friend Ashen who helped me get into the late-end game stage of Mabi. RNG sucks but it sucks less when you have friends to suffer with :^)"


Artist: WolfsongArt
Character: Speyeria of Nao

" This is a drawing of one of my characters on Mabinogi. While her name on the art piece is Rhea, her IG name is Apatura. She'd been renamed for use in an online roleplay."


Artist: henby
Character: Tokeiyo of Nao
Twitter: @henby_art

"I drew this as a birthday present to my in-game sister Beansie! I'm super proud of my improvement through the years though and felt it would be fun to submit a piece to the art gallery, just in case though..."


Artist: Lillium
Character: Chiya of Nao

"My character Chiya out on a scooter trip."


Artist: Nivya
Character: Nivya of Alexina

"I thought I would draw my friend!"


Artist: Arogya
Character: Arogya of Nao

"Here rests Arogya. 128x128px, less than 64 colours"