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Mana tunnel master title

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in Nao Chat
Hi can someone please help me
I followed the one on Wiki, the image below
Yet Nexon support said I don't have everything but I can't seem to find the missing one :(
Does anyone have updated version of complete Mana tunnels in Iria?


  • TimefallTimefall
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    Can't be sure which you're missing, unless maybe you post a screenshot of your own Mana Tunnel map, but I can make a few guesses.

    Firstly, the one I was missing when I sought this title, is the one on the Qilla Beach, accessed from Qilla Base Camp.
    Secondly, perhaps the title requires you to visit Collapsed tunnels as well? There's one in Lappa and one at the base of the waterfall in courcle.

    Lastly, a small trick you can use: Open the Traveller's Guide, and you can see a list of most mana tunnels and moongates (as well as teleport to them by clicking the wing icon). The reason I couldn't find the Qilla Beach Mana Tunnel was because it isn't in the Traveller's Guide (or at least it wasn't at the time), but most of them are in there.
  • ookieookie
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    edited December 11, 2020
    i'mma look around for it....personally, i think there's WAAAAAYYYY too many of them as it is...kinda defeats an open world game when we just warp everywhere...sometimes i like to just log in to go for a walk ( around on my horse...while making sure to 'walk' the horse in city limits...and taking boats back/forth...probably why Timefall missed the one on the's right next to the docks which you'll miss if you always warp between continents
  • ookieookie
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    according to the wiki you visit the 30 tunnels as of 2013...before tunnelpalooza happened....i already had the achievement from way back then...the wiki has a list of the specific tunnels to use
  • AdenoAdeno
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    edited December 11, 2020
    I just got the Mana Tunnel Master "achievement" in my journal now. Here's what I did.

    - Instead of just visiting the mana tunnels listed in the wiki, I typed in each important name in the Traveler Guide. (Ex. North Karu, I typed Karu only).

    - By typing only one word or just Karu in this example, it showed me all tunnels related to that name.

    - I visited each Karu mana tunnel by clicking on the name in the Traveler Guide.

    - Upon arriving at the mana gate, I touched the gate to open the map. This activates it and adds it to your map.

    - I repeated all the steps above for ALL the locations listed in the wiki.

    - There are more than 30 mana tunnels now if I estimate correctly, as a lot of the names I'll list below will have multiple related mana tunnels.

    I'll make it simple here and list the important names. You can just copy them (highlight the name, press CTRL+C) and paste them (CTRL+V) into the Traveler Guide search bar in the game.

    1. Qilla
    2. Maiz
    3. Nubes
    4. Kaypi
    5. Muyu
    6. Karu
    7. Nares
    8. Rupes
    9. Longa
    10. Errans
    11. Filia
    12. Cenae
    13. Pantay
    14. Cor
    15. Terra
    16. Sella
    17. Silva
    18. Vales
    19. Lunae
    20. Barba
    21. Calida
    22. Zardine
    23. Raspa
    24. Pera
    25. Renes

    I hope this helps you and anyone who might be having trouble with this, have fun!


  • CrimsọnCrimsọn
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    This is actually really helpful. Thanks. I was trying to help someone else out with this earlier.