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~*~Crafting Materials Made to Order~*~

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edited December 21, 2020 in Nao Marketplace
*~ ~SELLING~ ~*
(Bulk Orders/Regular Orders)

Hillwen - 1.3m/Stack
Hillwen Ore Fragments - 420k/Stack
Unknown Ores - 500k/Stack
Garbage Herbs - 100k/Stack
Iron Ingots - 900k/Stack
Braid - 14k/Each
Tough String - 30k Each
Thick Thread Balls - 32k/Each
Thin Thread Balls - 4k/Each
Herbs - (Mana/Bloody/Base/Sunlight)
Shyllien - 800k/Stack
Regular Firewood - 370k/Stack
Average Firewood - 2m/Stack

-Tech Chic Long Suit (F) - 33m
-Item Fishing Poles W22 @AH - 400k Each
*~Spirit Transformation Liqueur~*
•Feather - 45k/Each
•Flare - 20k/Each
•Flame - 30k/Each

***~ ~BUYING~ ~***

Dye Bottles 13k EACH / Mail~
Falcon Wings (Dyeable) - 15m
Dusty Rose Fixed Dye - 300k Mail

IGN: Ladygemm
Discord: QueenSorrow#8832