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Artists Guild - Recruiting! (ON HOLD)

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edited July 18, 2018 in Guild and Party Recruitment
((EDIT: 07/18/18: I do not have VIP service to recruit more players into the guild at this moment. I will bump/re-edit once VIP is active again. If you are interested in joining, just leave me a note!))

Welcome, milletian! ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

Artists is a socially-active guild that spends the majority of it's time on Discord. This guild was formed O1/3O/17.
You don't need a Discord to join, but it's strongly encouraged. The announcements are made on there and most of our activity is Discord-related.

We offer assistance both inside (players) and outside (artists) of the game.
The backbone of this guild is to motivate artists out of art block. Whether it's inspiration, guidance, critique, etc.
We do dungeon and shadow mission/martial art runs, help each other collect materials, and more!
Events and contests might be scarce, depending on it's demand, but I do have an event planner you can talk to; she makes straw polls in the announcements to see who will be available and if anyone would be interested in whatever she's hosting.

Everyone needs to donate their GP frequently, so if you don't do any of the above, and just like to sit in-game and chat, that is perfectly fine! You're still doing your part by donating GP. We're very laid back and chill, so we don't ask much. Our home channel is CH 4 (however, for marketing purposes you will see some of us on 1).

There is no level or age restriction, and we are alt-friendly. You are allowed to be in another guild, your main does not have to be in this guild to join.
Beginner players are much welcome! You do not have to be active to join; if you don't get on as much these days, that's okay! We welcome back returning players who still take frequent hiatuses. Since we allow alts and inactivity, please don't have high expectations that this will always be an active guild, sooner or later we might go on hiatus; this is a guild where players can come back to and be welcomed, but yes as the guild name suggests, it's mostly for artists, but not exclusive to! Consider our guild title as an aesthetic feature.

I understand everyone has a life outside of this game or we need to take breathers and spend our time else where, and that's perfectly fine! This is a social / friendship guild after all. Which is why there's no activity limit, you may stay offline for as long as you'd like.
(Although if it's your alt, please note/message me that you will be inactive, so that I don't have to clean you off the list. Just in case we have a massive increase of players wanting to join later on!)


1. Be considerate of others.
(Example: Don't push your critique on other's artwork if they don't want it.ONLY give critique if it's asked!
-If you know someone hates something, don't press it or bring the topic around them, whatever the case may be. Things like this can be easily avoided with work of communication.)

2. Always be respectful.
(Example: If you don't share the same opinion as someone, that's okay. Just don't make an argument about it. Opinions are always welcomed. But if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it. Do not shame others for what they like.)

3. NO DRAMA WITHIN THE GUILD. If you have a bad reputation, I am willing to overlook your past, so long as you don't bring it into the guild. Because if you continue doing whatever it is you're doing, not only are you making yourself look bad, but you're making the guild look bad as well.
So no harassment, scamming, hacking, racism, sexism, etc. Everyone's equal, no one is better than the other.
All ill and attention-seeking behavior be left at the door at this point.

Additional rules will be applied upon joining the Discord Server.


Currently running Guild:
♡ Leader: Nikki101
★ Officer: Aydub (Asayke)
☆ Officer: Vindiara

We have roughly 52 members at this time -- (O4/O3/17)

If you would like to join us, apply at the guildstone.
It can be found at the Western Moongate of Dunbarton, right beside the Housing Board.

If for some reason you cannot find it, Note/Add Nikki101.
Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your day! (๑´▽`๑) ✿



  • EraleaEralea
    Mabinogi Rep: 9,890
    Posts: 779
    I have art block, you guys will make me update my tumblr right? (ºヮº)
  • VioletBoyVioletBoy
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,765
    Posts: 69
    I would love to join since i do have artist block from time to time. I'll be applying once i get on. ign is MTGreat btw.
  • ElfyElfy
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,780
    Posts: 24
    Eralea wrote: »
    Absolutely! We love to see art work, so you're free to just spam sketches in the art channel. :D
    VioletBoy wrote: »
    Accepted, I've noted the discord server, feel free to join whenever!
  • ElfyElfy
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,780
    Posts: 24
    Updated the post somewhat, we're still recruiting! Plennnntty of room to join. :D
    We're actually going to have our Guild Photo for reaching 50+ members the 17th.