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Put memory reforges in the shop!

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in Item/Premium Shop
Hey, I see there's a reforge event.

Please put memory reforges in the shop. Right now, I have some reforges on my gear, that are lowish rolls in relevant skills. I'd like higher rolls in skills I use, but not at the risk of ending up with irrelevant skill boosts on my swords.

I'm not going to buy regular reforges and put them on my gear since I have a high probability of ending up with garbage stat boosts.

However, if memory reforges were sold, I would buy some, knowing that unlike with other reforge tools, I'm guaranteed not to come out any worse than I was before.

Right now, as I see it, reforges are "Pay money to probably make my equipment worse." And I hope you can understand why I'm not buying that.

For those that don't remember, memory reforges were sold in a bundle not too long ago (Oddly enough, the more expensive version of the bundle had LESS memory reforges). And using a memory reforge on an item shows you what it rolled, and lets you choose to keep the old rolls or take the new ones.
  1. Would you use memory reforges8 votes
    1. Yes
       75% (6 votes)
    2. No
       25% (2 votes)