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Order of the Black Moon Doll Bag Gift Box

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As Chapter 7 ends, let the members of the Order of the Black Moon accompany you on your journey so that you don't forget them! This box contains G24 characters in Doll Bag form, including the Incubus King, Fodla, Deirbhile, and more! Check out the details below.

Sale Dates: Thursday, January 28th, After Maintenance - Thursday, February 18th, Before Maintenance



  • OroshisamaOroshisama
    Mabinogi Rep: 670
    Posts: 21
    Succubus Queen would be such an adorable Doll Bag, we need that
  • NegumikoNegumiko
    Mabinogi Rep: 8,150
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    nice to finally get some doll bags the can collect fynni gems. there are 35 doll bags in this doll bag gacha and some of them are old though. here are the rates: