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Event Heads-Up! 2/11/2021

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in General Chat
It's that time again, Milletians! This Thursday's maintenance marks the end of the Winter Master Plan event! That makes today the last Monday the WMP shop will be open, so today is the last Monday to get any of the Monday-only stuff out of the shop like the Special Floral Fairy Walk 2nd Title Coupon. Make sure you turn in your coins and get your prizes (and your wings if you grinded for them) before you can't collect them anymore. Also make sure to take advantage of the training perks going on and get some skills ranked.

Also don't forget that your stats will go back to normal after the event ends as the potion will expire.

Winter Master Plan:

That's all for this week, everyone! Hopefully, we'll start seeing some new Spring-themed events coming, even though Phil said we in the states have... I guess now five more weeks of winter? Anyway, Happy Gaming, everyone!



  • CrimsọnCrimsọn
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    edited February 8, 2021


    What? I need to make a slew of brown dyes since my color scheme is red and brown now. (Too many people are doing all red so...)
  • AdenoAdeno
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    I wish whatever the next event is, there would be some of those protective erg stones, finally got a Divine Blade and now I'm stuck at red step 5. Nice dyeable capes would also be appreciated. :)

    For Valentine's day, it would be fun if there was a quest to help Ferghus romance a succubus, oh my!