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F1-f12 keys don't work after update (Desktop)

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edited February 21 in Technical Support
My mouse side buttons don't work neither!
It's a logitech gaming mouse with 2 extra side button and one on top.

Could this be because of the new anti-bot update?(was there one or was it just a warning against RMT) Maybe the client considers these macros or something! (which they kinda are)
I'm using a mechanical keyboard with re-bindable F1 keys, so maybe it treats those the same! Just my theory

If anyone has any info please share :^)

It seems the issue is with the Logitech software for my mouse and keyboard. I was able to use it before! The keys work if I turn it off but I don't want to have to re-calibrate my mouse everytime I open and close the game! Plus I can't use the side buttons anymore!

After re-installing both mabinogi and the software (I formatted my computer actually) it works again so it must have been a problem on my side!