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Did anyone else's hotkeys and bag placement reset?

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edited March 6, 2021 in General Chat
Yesterday when I logged out everything was fine. Today when I logged in on my laptop (connecting via my phone's hotspot, as I have the past few months due to issues with a weak signal from my ISP for my modem on the home network), my hotkeys, bag placement, and other in-game settings seem to have been wiped. I then kinda freaked out, force-closed Mabi, and logged in to the forums on my desktop... which seemed to trigger the automated security thinking my account was compromised.

As far as I know, I've been the only person on my account in years, aside from the one time someone got into my account a decade ago and stole the NX and any items of value I had on MapleStory... Regardless, I'm kinda weirded out right now because of that past incident. Nothing was missing when I got on my characters, but due to the automated security stuff I just had to reactivate my account. Which, I'm pretty sure was from me using my laptop and the desktop on two separate connections after being logged in so close together...

In the end... I really just want to know if anyone else's hotkeys and bag placement, etc. was somehow reset today, or if it's just glitched on me, so I can stop feeling so paranoid.

[EDIT] As a bit of an update, after the reactivation of my account, I logged into Mabi again and it looks like everything with my hotkeys, bag placement, and settings is back to normal. I just really wish I knew what caused it to glitch out like that, though.

[EDIT 2] There was also a bit of time recently when I was using my laptop with a hotel's wi-fi due to being away from home for a little over a month.


  • AlexisEUAlexisEU
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    skill order/ui settings/hotkeys, are not loaded through the game server.

    if the game fails to receive these settings from the webserver due to unstable connection/outdated internet explorer, the game will proceed without them.
    it is saved on graceful disconnection, force closing the game is one way to avoid the new settings from overwriting the old.