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Event/Sale Heads-Up! 3/18/21

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It's that time again, Milletians! This week we're saying farewell to the Desperate Designer Event and the Milky Way Box!

For the Desperate Designer Event, make sure you make your ten sewing patterns (minimum for the quest) and talk to Cindy to complete the quest of the day so you can get the Sewing Patterns for the Gloves and Shoes of Nature as well as a mannequin of your choice! Also turn in your created patterns for Cut-Out Tape Measures that give you 10% Exploration EXP for each one you sell to an NPC! You'll be maxing out your Exploration EXP for a while with these (there's no condition stating they leave with the event so they'll likely stay in your inventory after it's over). Also, for higher ranked Sewing Patterns, you get gift boxes that can give you a lot of prizes. See the link below for the possible drops!~

Desperate Designer Event:

Same as usual with the gachas, the Milky Way Box has a variety of different prizes you can pull and with each one you open, you get three of a random Life Skill Renown Seal worth 250 each, so 750 total Renown EXP! A nice little bonus if you ask me! See all of the drops in the link below!

Milky Way Box:

Anyway, with last week's preview of the 13th Anniversary, we're probably going to be seeing that come with this week's maintenance (last year it launched on the 10th). So I hope everyone's looking forward to it! Check out the preview page in the link below.

13th Anniversary Event Preview:

That's all for now, everyone! Happy Gaming!