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Accessory Slot For The Style Tab

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Would it be reasonable to ask for an accessory slot for the Style Tab? I see that players can only have 1 aesthetic accessory (such as a Halo or Support Puppet) equipped at a time in the Gear Tab; there's a Face Accessory slot in the Style Tab, so would it not be a nice idea to have that option to wear puppets and halos without consuming space in the Gear Tab?

I don't think this change would affect reforge sales too heavily, because people will still likely buy the pre-r1 aesthetic accessories or reforge aesthetic accessories to allow adornment of another aesthetic accessory (e.g. Halo in Gear Tab with Puppet in Style Tab). I believe there's a low amount of people who reforge aesthetic accessories, because many people intelligently decide to instead sacrifice things like Lucky Rabbit Foot to the RNG/repair gods when enchanting risky effects like "Haunted" or "Spooky."

I do think it would increase sales and use of general aesthetic accessories, because they right now seem more like gacha clutter since they clash with active player Gear Tab slots. Aesthetic accessories are released so often that it would be more reasonable to allow an accessory tab on the Style Tab that would fit these items, so that people can interchangeably wear more of them.

Thanks for reading.
-Sophiedela of Nao
  1. Aesthetic Accessory Slot For Style Tab?3 votes
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