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Summon Scrolls For Avalon Raid Bosses

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edited March 25 in Feedback and Suggestions
I think this would be a good idea, considering Erg is so difficult to get through. It would allow another option to exist besides trying to farm Purification Raids, which currently stands as the preferred method of farming for those with multiple devices. If we want more activity in this area, I think Summon Scrolls for Mokkurkalfi and the Sylvan Dragon would benefit the game overall.

People would love a chance to speed up the material farming by spending NX on these scrolls as they do with the Iria dragon bosses. There's also the fact that players would love more chances to try and get elusive enchants, such as "Pillar." I think this could be a lucrative idea for the players and devs alike and it's become a bit difficult to track the monsters across 10 channels per two hours (on Weekdays). There's also problems with quick-footed players defeating bosses before other players even arrive on the scene. I don't know how this is in KR, but I think NA could use the option!
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