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Alexina is basically dead


  • HabimaruHabimaru
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,420
    Posts: 749
    edited May 10, 2021
    To Crimson:
    the person unwilling to step into the intellectual boxing ring[/spoiler]
    To KelpSoda:
    Sorry that being intelligent offends you.

    I'll take the comparison to successful, Ivy-League graduate, prominent business owner and talk show host, family-oriented, principle-grounded Ben Shapiro as a compliment. (How is it even an insult?)

    The funny part is that I don't even watch his shows.

    To Helsa:
    There's still no reason to keep presenting this dogmatic viewpoint that a merge is inevitable.


    To Crimson:
    the person unwilling to step into the intellectual boxing ring[/spoiler]See beginning of this response. I score fairly damn high on IQ-tests myself (always have, for my whole entire life, for that matter, historically always up there in the score that was at the lower-echolons of what is consider super-genius levels, but, I have not bothered taking any of those such tests lately, and, who knows if there would be a significant difference between taking those short IQ tests [typically meant for children] versus a really good adult IQ-test [a good test for adults though would take a very long time to evaluate, talking like perhaps, probably months, but, not to digress]).

    Anyway, I do need to bring it to your attention that you may be taking responses from others a bit too personally, such to the point where you are expressing a very «I am offended by you (or your post/response)» tone, and, thus, you may want to re-consider how maybe someone like a «bank-employee» might handle the response/situation (one bank in the past was eager to try & recruit me, probably because of my ability to speak multiple languages in particular, but, I can tell you for a fact, that their «screening» process is such that they want to make sure that their employees do not «interact» with customers or potential-customers in a manner that may have displayed any kind of angry emotion).

    I don't mind assisting you with this, for example, I could «quote» something where I think there may have been a more «profession manner» with response as to how things may have been worded. One thing I know from experience is that most people will get «offended» when being called «ignorant» (even though this is actually true for the vast majority of the world-population), but, I could also say that they «seem uninformed» and this gets across my expression that it does not seem to me like they have all of the pertinent facts at their disposal (even though that «wording» still basically means the same thing as ignorant, but, you can figure out how others will «interpret» your messages/communications/expressions when «mastering» that «social-skill» which is often referred to in a number of animé-series/scenes called : reading the mood)...

    And now for a short NON-commercial break about CAPITALISM...

    Re : «I'll take the comparison to successful, Ivy-League graduate, prominent business owner and talk show host, family-oriented, principle-grounded Ben Shapiro as a compliment. (How is it even an insult?)»

    For as far as I know, the original people who made/created/developed Mabinogi are no longer around, for what-ever reason (I don't know if anyone around here might be able to give us any details as to why ?), and Ben is family-oriented, eh ? Also, I don't think that reference to Ben Shapiro was meant to be «insulting» to you, but, may have ended up being something like a «back-handed» compliment. You are certainly one of the more intellect-oriented members of these forums, but, that does not necessarily mean that the lesser-learned or less-experienced or perhaps «younger» audiences will necessarily comprehend what you have to say. Sometimes you have to «dumb it down» (this is a metaphorical-expression not meant nor intended to call anybody «stupid» or anything of that nature) for the audience.

    For a metaphorical-reference to what I mean here, consider that a professor of advanced calculus isn't going to be able to talk about calculus-formulas with algebra students who have no experience in trigonometry, but, has to basically «simplify» his formulas so that they're easier for the audience to absorb. I actually had to respond with something similar about this to a «law» researcher, recently, who was trying to convey a rather complicated message to a group about the Federal-Reserve and its negative-impact upon society, but, I had to explain to him (although it actually might be a her), after I had addressed some points he/she missed, that they had trouble trying to keep their message simple/short/accurate/precise or which-ever reference that they used, and, thus, I had to explain that they were trying to educate the group on a rather complicated subject;

    due to the complexity of such a topic, you cannot expect people to grasp what you are trying to convey without the pre-requisites first having been covered, sort of like when one tries to convey a foreign-language. You first need to make sure that they at least know the alphabet before you get into the words, then that they have sufficient vocabulary before trying to get them to use/form/read sentences, then to have a good handle on sentence-use before getting them into the paragraphs. Everything can be «broken down» into «simple parts» but, this generally requires a great deal of teaching experience, and, I have enough «teaching experience» by now (even that of little children), to know that I should and only need to give them «what they can handle» (at their stage of their development), and, NO more than that... once they have gained enough «confidence» in «getting» and «digesting» the «crumb» (metaphorically) that I gave them, such to the point where they now want to «learn more» ...then I can start teaching them slightly «more advanced» material. Keep this in mind when you respond to forum-members here who may be below the age of what the ToS says is allowed (not going to call out any names nor am I trying to imply anything necessarily by this as it is most-certainly possible for a twelve-year-old to be even more mature than a 70-year-old [and I have actually seen evidence/situations of this lol]).
    Helsa wrote: »
    Another personal foul; that's another five yards.
    You don't get to be the referee over these such matters. IF anybody here has the ability to be «fair» and «objective» over these matters, then it would be the one whose post you are reading right now, and, he also happens to have had historical significant-influence over past-directions of both this game and even the company itself (and that will probably continue for as long as he chooses to post pretty much anything that is connected to business-reputation/finance/generating-sales/etc., for reasons I am not going to get that too deep into right now, but, the «physical-products» that they now sell from their Merchandise-store also seems to have come about because of influence from him, just as one of the more «recent» examples).
    Julie wrote: »
    Your age doesn't mean anything
    Definite words of wisdom ! The only real factor between ages is experience, but, even then, many people are so dogmatic that, even into their old age, they basically live their whole entire-lives in an «echo-chambre» of experiences/paradigms, thus, rendering their age a non-factor.
    Julie wrote: »
    Greta wrote: »
    wE nEeD aLeXiNa SeRvEr MeRgE!

    Ah yes, instead of going off to promote this game in other platforms once in a while, it's better to go and spam the hell out of these forums (which it runs on life support by now at this point) at least every 30 days. Great job indeed, a gold medal for consistency. Too bad not for annoyance and forum rule bypass, right?
    So glad I barely hang out here anymore.
    Maybe the time you spent in here (which may have been a lot) has skewed your perception of time, i make like a few posts in the single digits a year here maybe even less than 5. I wasnt aware that was spam
    I guess I will bring this to perspective. She is referring to a certain someone else who posts the almost same topic every month for the last over a whole entire year in the Feedback & Suggestions section. Shouldn't be too difficult to figure out if you just look at the titles of the threads for the first two or three pages... probably. It's almost like «propaganda» in a way. Repeating the same «tired old» message, over, and, over, and, over, and over...
    To Helsa:
    -snipped due to characters too long error message-

    To: KelpSoda:
    -also snipped due to characters too long error message-

    @The rest of my antagonists:
    -also snipped again due to characters too long error message-
    Beware of what you are interpreting from her exterior. Helsa not going to change her mind, and, for as far as I can tell, happens to be some sort of closet-masochist (/pretends like I don't notice Helsa in the room). And she is definitely dogmatic; even if «smart» that does not mean that they will necessarily «break out» of a «dogmatic» paradigm. Doctors, for example, are amongst the «smartest» people in the world, but, for the most-part, they are still dogmatic (and extremely so). I'm not going to get into too much details about the «CIA» stuff, but, for as far as I cal tell, she is a «statist» and will therefore be dogmatic (/still pretends like I don't notice Helsa in the room).

    The only «real discussion» you can have with her is basically about jousting. You should definitely try to have discussions with her about jousting. Why not try to come up with some «new ideas» as to bring in more participants into the jousting contests ? Perhaps even «creative ideas» as to how to expand jousting to possibly make it even more engaging, such as the introduction of new jousting techniques, creating a type of jousting that ends up being played more so like a chess-match rather than just a modified version of rock-paper-scissors, possibly even aerial-jousting where players are mounted on dragons and joust against each other in the sky ? (That might even be fun for the whole server to watch/spectate)


    Re : Antagonists
    All I am going to say here at this point that it is better to give the «benefit of the doubt» rather than assume that others' intentions are hostile. IF they are indeed having difficulty maintaining control of their own emotions, then it is best to respond in a manner that «sets a good example» so-to-speak (probably), showing and demonstrating to them how you might respond in what comes across as being in a «cool & collected» manner.
    Crimsọn wrote: »
    And of course I will be blamed. Smdh.

    I just wanted us to all be together. Hell I am not even on Alexina and want this. I want this for you guys. Can't we all just get along? This thread is doomed if we continue this way.

    I'm sorry if you guys don't like my solution but ultimately what is it going to take? I would love to hear what you think should be done because honestly I don't see any other way to achieve this goal.
    There are other ways, but, please keep in mind that, I am the type of guy who has numerous people needing or demanding my attention for any variety of reasons (namely because I seem to be the only damn guy in this whole entire freaking city with the complicated skill-sets that they need in order to get certain things done for them, and, for that matter, this is not necessarily limited to just this city, either), and, I thus, already have my hands tied (metaphorically) for a variety of reasons to allocate too much «time» into going over all of the «details» of those «solutions...»
    KelpSoda wrote: »
    see you in nao i guess
    So thou hast decided to head over to Nao after all ? Alright.
    To whomever this may concern:
    Regarding Merge:

    Why is it then that not only is there only one solution, but the only solution possible somehow still remains to be yet another merge? I'd think people who hated merge-related problems would actually be averse to another merge and actively seek other solutions. And yet, we travel down the exact same road. This leads me to believe that something is not right, here. There's too many contradictions, so let's pick a goal: Do we want more population or do we want more stability, because one requires a bit of sacrifice from the other and thus you cannot realistically have both.
    Actually, both can be achieved, increasing the population and keeping the servers stable.
    I am not going to go over giving too much details over how this can be achieved at this particular moment.
    I can, how-ever, give you a «Quantum-Code» that may help you arrive at the answer(s)...:
    45 826 9994 5789
    DO NOT IGNORE THE SPACES (the «spaces» between the numbers are part of the quantum-code).
    Write that number down (preserving the «spaces» between numbers) or print it out onto a piece of paper.
    Tape it to something hard/flat, like a clip-board, so it doesn't crumble/crumple/krinkle/etc., if necessary.
    Now place that Quantum-Code underneath your pillow (or stuff right below your mattress ?).
    Sleep on it and you should start getting some possible good ideas of what I mean possibly in as little as a few days...
    Helsa wrote: »
    There is nothing inherently morally superior about avoiding negative at the expense of positive or the other way round or about the status quo over change or the other way around. People have their own desires. Often they are in a zero sum conflict with the desire of others. It doesn't make either evil or stupid.
    I've not once in this entire thread called anyone evil or stupid. Childish, sure. Selfish, you bet. Inconsiderate, 100%. Why? Because asking -- demanding? forcing? -- people to make a sacrifice for your sake is all of that and then some.

    I'm actually gradually gravitating to a point of doubt after having my own character attacked so many times and not receiving any grace when I correct things. The constant, unprovoked "I'm not evil" claims, especially don't help when followed by more attacks (and lo and behold, there's the attack below from KelpSoda). My patience has worn, Helsa. I'm done with gaslighting and the games. I asked some questions in the last post. I expected answers, not more dodging and more platitudes. If you want to talk about merge, let's talk. Make the case.

    EDIT: I'll give you a simple straightforward question, here: Why do you think it's an inevitable thing coming and what can you show me that proves this?
    Hey, join the club, for, I was also historically always getting attacked all the time...! ;p

    I guess you must not have been around back then to see how I «handled» the matter(s) though.
    Although, I was actually getting attacked, receiving constant vitriol, and, believe it or not, our threads about «elves» being «imbalanced» was SO damn «controversial» that there were literal HUNDREDS of pages worth of thread-posts that occurred over that particular matter/issue which spanned for a WHOLE ENTIRE TWO YEARS before the «heated debates» over it started to simmer down (the whole entire thing was like a freaking dogmatic religious-belief about the races some-how all already being balanced even though they were clearly not). One day, I eventually went over direct to the Korea-Forums for myself, located several threads posted by the Koreans themselves about how they were saying that «elves sucked» (even showing the exact link and providing links to translator-pages so that others' could verify the accuracy of my translations for themselves since I had to «fix» the ridiculous grammatical-errors that are typical of machine-translators), and, one guy even responded that, now that he's «seen the evidence» (of even the Koreans saying what I had been trying to explain for two damn years to this Western-hemisphere audience) and I guess it must have been compelling enough for him to «accept» as «evidence» that he would «switch to the other side of the debate» (like lulwut as-IF these were supposed to be some sort of religious-belief wars or something).

    What you, how-ever, seem to be «receiving» here, does seem to me to be more along the lines of a «semantics» issue where everyone just seems to be «mis-understanding» each other for one reason or another. Believe you me, compared to the «flack» that I was receiving, this is rather «tame» stuff in comparison, not worth allowing yourself to let consume too much time into your thoughts out of each day.
    It never was advertised that way: You all just decided to claim it was a social/sandbox/whatever-suits-your-current-argument game. The game is advertised as "Your Fantasy Life:" The world's most expressive MMORPG, where you create a unique character and live your fantasy life -- direct quote.

    That means if people don't want to socialize in their Fantasy Life, they are free not to do so and not to be forced into situations they do not find comfortable. By the way: learn the definitions of words you use. The term is "unsocial;" not "antisocial."

    Also, Use the Nexon Launcher or create another character. You're not an idiot, right? Let's stop pretending to be one.
    Sometimes I have to pretend to be an idiot in certain situations. Yes, yes, I know this was not directed to me, specifically, but, sometimes it would have been better for me to let people think that I am an idiot so that I am not always so damn constantly in-demand by so many people who need/want my skills for some reason or another... alternatively...: «It's better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you are an idiot... rather than to open it and remove all doubt...» -Mark Twain
    KelpSoda wrote: »
    im getting called names because i wanted to use steam features like payment methods wallet and what not on my videogame

    Are you now ? Damnit, why did I quote this, anyway. I forgot. Everyone should probably start by taking a deep breath at this point...
  • HabimaruHabimaru
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,420
    Posts: 749
    A lot of people quit due to these rocketing prices for materials.

    Sounds like I'm on the right side, then. The side of people who know how to run a business well enough to keep a "dead" game going for 13 years.
    But how would YOU solve the population problems in Alexina? Tell us. Because at this point we are already aware of the consequences but at the same time we just want to rip band-aid off.

    Alright, this is where we have the actual conversation. We've already started to see KR's director make moves towards raising ease of gameplay, which covers my central point regarding economic prosperity:

    -more «snipping» because of limits to characters lengths on these forums... /fist-shake-
    (Regarding people quitting Mabi) Was it really because of prices ? Not because perhaps their friends disappeared ? Perhaps they got banned for some arbitrarily unreasonable length of time for a minor reason ? They got «jabbed» and died the next day ? Surely «people quitting» must be more than just so-called sky-high prices. I don't think I have ever «quit» some game because of sky-high prices (if anything, if there was that much so-called «money» moving around in the «economy» then, I would actually be taking advantage of that abundance of supply in order to make myself rich, Rich, RICH!!! RICH, I TELL YOU ! /cAckLeS IF I were «active» in such a game anyway... I mean, gee, rather than historically only having been able to get maybe 10K for a stack of Holy Waters, I mean, if I am now getting 120K or even more per stack, why wouldn't I take advantagew of that, especially if everyone else is «too lazy» to supply such easy-to-obtain goods to the market themselves ? MORE «profits» for ME such to the point where I end up with a literal MONOPOLY when nobody else is willing to sell and ALL without «manipulating» the market into such a MONOPOLY ! =O).

    I already made reference to the current Mabinogi-Team consisting of entirely different members than originally. Next...

    I do believe I had also made mention of a server-transfer system in the past, but, more along the lines of some inter-server server (probably), I think (probably). I guess you could say it would have been something more along the lines of a «transition» server. You want to go from one server to another ? Well, get into this «transition» server first, then you can go from there to the Final-Destination* server (omitting other details for now).
    Helsa wrote: »
    We now know that Nexon will merge if conditions are met. Alexina is moving to those conditions. Therefore a merge is inevitable.
    No, we don't. Still no evidence shown. Repeating yourselves over and over isn't evidence, Helsa.

    The actual reasoning given by Staff was that they merged the original 3 to balance server population, not because servers were "dying." If the servers were "Dead," then there would be no/little net increase in overall population from the merge. This is just simple math at this point.
    Truth, but, don't forget, she believes in the CIA-propaganda, and, thus, you aren't going to convince her otherwise (/still continues to pretend that I don't notice Helsa being anywhere in, around, nor near the room... *whistles innocently*).
    Sebastian wrote: »
    Late to the party but just merge the servers already, I'm tired of these back and forth debates. Y'all will eventually find something else to complain about after it happens anyway.
    Like, how the server is now SO crowded, that we end up with threads that say : «WE NEED MORE SERVERS!!!» ? =p
    Crimsọn wrote: »
    It helps newer players catch up with older or more higher level/developed players in general for the game itself. Which is awesome - IF they actually start on Alexina to do so and stay there.

    The only way something like that could help is if there was more incentive to join and STAY on Alexina, which unfortunately right now there is not.

    Then you get this:
    So, Sophie, how do you stop that? :D
    Time for me to momentarily be «that debunker» and mention that one can give such «false-impressions» by taking a screen-shot from an unpopulated channel then channel-hopping to a populated channel in order to «deep-fake» (even more sophisticated than Photo-Shop) such an image-example. Ouh, speaking of Deep-Fakes, let's check out A.I. ability to Deep-Fake...
    KelpSoda wrote: »
    bro, literally me, i threw away my main steam account because i'm not allowed to use my main anymore but it's gonna get tiring and i'll end up abandoning the game because its bothersome to not have my steam goodies while playing mabi
    What is this about Steam having goodies rather than other methods of login!? O_O
    Julie wrote: »
    If inflation happens to happen after a merge, what is causing it and why does it happen in the first place? a server merge doesn't simply inflate prices on its own and out of the blue, it doesnt make any sense on its own.

    Regarding inflation: You can argue about the lack of space for it, but inflation happens everywhere not just on the other players that isnt you, you can always make some gold by selling some holy water and crafting your own things and take advantage of that situation in making money.

    Regarding finding parties: if finding parties of your mid to low tier is difficult for you, then what makes it when youre in Alexina? theres a bigger population of older players than newer ones in that server and theres far far less players around your mid to low tier levels to join you, in this point your making the merge rather works in favor of fixing this issue.

    Also for socializing: this in an mmorpg, the entire experience is related to also socializing and working with others to complete quests and missions, not to mention all the social features this game is added through gestures and minigames and what not.
    Re : Inflation-Causes
    ➤ Increased Demand For Product(s)... this does not necessarily mean that all products' prices also increase (consider how a number of items are still generally considered worthless enough that people choose to drop them all over the ground)
    ➤ Decreased amount of supply
    ➤ Any significant increase in the amount of «time» needed in order to be able to obtain/supply said product (so, like, if people get Black-Robed, Glitched, main-accounts end up becoming unplayable, bugs/glitches cause or result in various item-losses, etc., such «factors» could have a significant impact upon how much «gold» people will demand as «compensation» for the «time» that it may take them to complete the task for the market)

    Re : Parties
    Certain times of the day are better for this, and, certain players can be found fairly consistently starting somewhere around close to a half-hour or so after the daily reset-time who do Daily Shadow-Missions (when one has been forced to live his life in the manner that I had gone through, you end up figuring out different ways to be resourceful, and, I have thus applied such «resourcefulness» not just into life, but, into the game-worlds, too). I am a «different breed» of «gamer» though. One time, back when I showed my «intel-gathering» chart(s) to the other players on an RTS, one of them responded to me : «Damn, Habi, I thought I was a hard-core gamer, but you, you've made this into a whole entire science!»

    Re : Social-Aspects
    Here is a quick-tip/pro-tip from my own experiences... what you can probably try to do is to ramp up that «out-going» aspect of of yourself and combine it with the «intel-gathering» that I often do in order to achieve some goal that may require gathering information. One of these things you can do is ask around, anybody you encounter, if they know of other people on the server who are active, whether any of them might be able to help you, what kinds of schedules people seem to have, etc. For times where you might not come across anybody, you could also just roam around, perhaps even read all of the messages on every Guild-Stone that you can possibly find, and, I do know of one particular Guild on Alexina that is highly social, although, they have gone through various name-changes as the years have passed.

    Sorry I haven't been active, lately (hands tied, and all, metaphorically), otherwise I could still be getting you to tag along when I do all of those quests/missions/dailies (that I used to do anyway before logging in got disrupted).
    To Julie:
    Julie wrote: »
    Julie wrote: »
    literally nobody is talking about forcing anyone do anything social, and as far as i know, you're breaking the rules.
    Well, that's a straight up lie, if I've ever seen one. Drop off your own server to force a merge to happen, on basis of anyone not agreeing being "antisocial?" Totally not iron fisted bullying tactics.

    But, please do explain my alleged ToS violation. Go right on ahead. I'll wait. :joy:
    are you referring that to me? because it appears youre accusing me of saying things i never said. im also not your babysitter you can look at the rules yourself.
    -final snip due to characters too long error message (hopefully the last snipping needed)-

    To Crimson:
    You're assuming everybody is just like this and wants to play on the populated server. I -- for example -- specifically choose Tarlach, when I came back to Mabi in 2016, because it had a low population and yet not the lowest. There are people like me who don't want to be hassled by people and just want a quiet life and can actually enjoy being alone, save for a couple friends. Some people don't need a giant server full of AFKs and drama-mongers. They just don't; we have to consider those kinds of people, Crimson. We need to maintain a quiet server that they can choose to play on, rather than be forced to join the loud majority.
    The only way something like that could help is if there was more incentive to join and STAY on Alexina, which unfortunately right now there is not. Players prefer more active servers (FACTS)
    No. It is not a fact, because I and many others are a literal embodiment of your falsehood. And just saying the word "facts" doesn't automatically make it a fact; you have to show evidence and your track record of doing that is not looking too good. You are stating an opinion based upon an assumption projected from your own preferences onto the masses and that's all there is to that.
    and when people see that Alexina is a wasteland then it's going to cause them to check out the Nao server. So how do you propose to stop them from doing that? 13 years and that pattern still holds true for any game.

    Is that why Tarlach remained higher than both Mari and Ruairi? Because everyone wanted to be on Alexina? The actual fact is that the original three servers clearly had an active enough population on all three to still warrant both return, exploration, and visitation of new and old players; this is why the merge was even conducted in the first place, but you choose to ignore this because you obviously have a personal investment in seeing a final merge happen. How do I know? Because, you're not making objective points; you're making personal points.
    Let me paint this picture for you; New player downloads the game. New player creates new character and selects the Alexina server. Player discovers Alexina is pretty much DEAD. There is barely anyone to talk to. New player decides to check out the other server.
    You again assume the new player -- and all new players -- simply want to be around loads of people all the time. You have no idea how humans work. They are not all the same, Crimson. You're assuming way too much on basis of way too little. Get out of your echo chamber; not everyone is like you, like your guild(s), or like your friends.
    You can not control what people do.
    Exactly my point with you. Have some capacity for self-reflection, Crimson.

    I am a fan of options, not absolutes. I proposed a server transfer: the option to move.[/spoiler]

    To Julie, Part Two:
    Julie wrote: »
    If inflation happens to happen after a merge, what is causing it and why does it happen in the first place? a server merge doesn't simply inflate prices on its own and out of the blue, it doesnt make any sense on its own.

    Regarding inflation: You can argue about the lack of space for it, but inflation happens everywhere not just on the other players that isnt you, you can always make some gold by selling some holy water and crafting your own things and take advantage of that situation in making money.

    Regarding finding parties: if finding parties of your mid to low tier is difficult for you, then what makes it when youre in Alexina? theres a bigger population of older players than newer ones in that server and theres far far less players around your mid to low tier levels to join you, in this point your making the merge rather works in favor of fixing this issue.

    Also for socializing: this in an mmorpg, the entire experience is related to also socializing and working with others to complete quests and missions, not to mention all the social features this game is added through gestures and minigames and what not.
    You can literally just go to my Inflation threads to find answers to these questions regarding it.

    If you want a social circle that badly, go to a place literally designed for that: it's called "social media."
    Julie wrote: »
    Also here's how Nexon advertises Mabinogi:

    over half of the video involves doing numerous activities with others and using the social features mabi has, you cant just tell me that Mabi isnt advertised this way when the literal trailer of this is sitting in the front page in steam to set your expectations of the game.
    Far too much quote-nesting, but, I will just «hope» that this reply is in a logical sequence.

    Re : Gas-Light
    This part of the response might be better re-worded as follows...
    «I am sorry you feel that way but I did not intend to state anything that would cause you to interpret it as a lie. I believe that my responses are honest but if there are errors then I may need to ask for you to give me more time to review my own writings so that I may then try to (self-)correct any misunderstandings that may have arisen. You seem to be supporting any idea with which I disagree, but if you do not actually support such an idea, then please clarify. For now, I have no reason to believe that you are not in support of such idea, not unless you state otherwise, for which I have my serious doubts will happen.»

    Re: Tarlach & Incentive
    Actually, the Mari-Server was the second-most populous server at the time, not Tarlach or Ruairi. Each of the other three servers had their own reputations... apparently. Mari was known to be a Drama-Server. Tarlach, well, I don't remember, then there was Ruairi which was considered some sort of server of hackers (or did I mean to say modders ?). I do not actually remember what the Alexina-server's reputation was if it had any. Everyone does know that it was the more/most populous/populated server until which time the Nao-server came into existence.

    Re : Control of People
    Actually, people can be controlled (even spirit-possessed), but, controlling others is not ethical nor moral and has its serious karmic-consequences (and I am going to keep reminding everyone that the company even has a product with the literal name «Karma» within). People can also be influenced, even brain-washed, how-ever, although also not karmically ethical nor moral or responsible if done in a manner of manipulation (*cough*CIA*cough*style*cough*propaganda*cough*) rather than for their benefit. One brief example I will give here is in regards to a guy with whom I used to associate. I was rather annoyed at how he lived in quite the «pig-sty» manner, considering that I had always maintained keeping my environment and things as absolutely spotless and organised as possible (this habit also helps to foster one's environment/surroundings to be far more «productive»), and I got tired of always having to clean up after his mess, so, one day, because of the amount of influence that I already had over him to get him to finally make $$$ and be more business-minded instead of constantly asking me for $$$ he could borrow (he was also always in debt at the time), with a method that the more «High-EQ» people may have employed, I made mention that, when it came to the houses of two wealthy people, that it had always been my experience that the cleaner and more spotless house was always the house owned by the wealthier person. From that day forth, he finally started cleaning up after himself (but, apparently, only himself, and nobody else's mess), and, although I won't go over all of the details that had transpired, I can tell you for a fact that he currently runs multiple businesses, has millionaire net-worth, was able to buy and «own» his own house within a few years of following my advice/recommendations (this doesn't mean that any of you who might be reading are going to suddenly achieve those same results as a result of anything I may post here, because I went through a LOT of information with him, considering that he had a LOT of «erroneous-beliefs» that needed to be unlearned & corrected, and I made SURE that he had to work VERY HARD in order to «gain my approval» so-to-speak, ONE of those aspects being that, I mentioned, how all of the world's richest millionaires & billionaires possess far more «knowledge» than your typical average college-graduate, and have definitely read far more «books» [non-fiction] than any average college-graduate... this is true of course [now, consider the Entrepreneur who runs that Valuetainment channel, self-made multi-millionaire, and, upon listening to a variety of his videos, you will find that he has indeed read a number of books, I would guess which probably number into the hundreds if not possibly quadruple-digits by now]). The saying goes that «Knowledge is Power» but it is probably more accurate to say that «Applied Knowledge Effective Power»...

    I hope you all «get» something out of this that may be of benefit to you, because, putting together this comprehensive-response took literally several hours and has eaten up much of time «time» that I could have used for more «profitable» and thus «productive» activities...
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    Habimaru wrote: »
    Not necessarily. I have seen various games that just keep adding servers, and adding servers, and adding even more servers, and no one particular server is necessarily a favourite. The main difference is that those other game-titles have far more active advertisement going on (possibly outsourced to an advertising and/or marketing company to keep their game promoted constantly). You should also know by now that I do not believe in «mantra-repeating propaganda» (then again you probably actually do not know on second thought).

    Mabinogi is also such a game, when it added Alexina, yet here we are.
    Habimaru wrote: »
    The population is not actually declining (or at least it wasn't during the time that which I was active). And, no, I am not taking about a whole entire decade or other such long ago time, but, the more recent time, over the past couple of years ago.

    When the game was more healthy and active, one could freely view the load for: the game, each of the servers, and their channels at the official wiki. Shortly after the merge that created Nao, Nexon turned off access to that information by the official wiki. So, now only Nexon knows what the precise load situation is. A coarse view of the situation though can be seen. This shows that the population of Alexina has declined since Nao was created. Since a second merge has not as yet happened, this would indicate that Nexon does not consider Alexina's activity to be at a non-viable level, at this time. What we do know is that, so far, it has headed that way. The original three servers headed down this same path and were eventually merged. This is why a final merge is inevitable.
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    so my thoughts are, as a general rule, split servers are bad. This is a big reason why I'm not playing FFXIV. All the people I might theoretically play FFXIV with are on different servers and I can't join or form communities with them, and community is the only thing that makes a MMO worth playing over a single player game. So my stance is that there should have never been the 4 servers to begin with. Imo, there should be a single server, up until the point that the server is full constantly and further expansion is technically infeasible . As such, I am pro merge. The problems that the merge may cause would be less of an issue than the problems the merge would solve. Coming from Alexina to Nao, Nao feels like a viable game population-wise. All the servers are populated, there are active guilds everywhere, there's a healthy (if somewhat inflated) economy, which we can talk about in the other thread. Whereas I made a character for funsies in Alexina and well, it was fairly depressing. I'd say if you put Alexina ch1 into Nao, it'd be less active than 4 or 5 other channels.

    With that said - holy discourse yall. Accusing people of and attacking people's character? Please. People have the right to oppose the idea of a merge, even if I disagree with the reasoning. That doesn't make them bad or selfish, they just think that the issues a merge would cause wouldn't be worth the issues a merge would fix. Simple as that.

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