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Kokopo Strike doesn't scale to Skill rank damage.

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edited December 16, 2016 in Bugs and Glitches
Kokopo, the new pet that was released in the new crossover has a skill that does not scale to skill rank damage.


At rank 7, Kokopo strike does 265% of base damage inflicted to enemies. To test this I used foxes, which have 0 defense and protection.


My Kokopo has 69 ~ 119 base damage, at rank 6 critical hit, it should hit 105% more damage in critical damage. So 69 minimum * 1.05 + base damage would be 141 minimum, and 243 Maximum damage, multiplied by the skill damage multiplier of 265%. So as a result it would be 373 minimum ~ 646 maximum in final damage.


However in the last picture it only scored 161 critical damage against the fox while using Kokopo strike. Which is exceedingly lower than what the skill rank should boast in output. The skill doesn't scale to the base damage of the pet, and retains only the base damage while being used.

When using its other skills, like windmill and smash, they scale to it's base damage.

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