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Events/Sale Heads-Up! 5/27/21

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Hey, Milletians, it's that time again! And for the first time in a while, it's not just a single event or sale ending!

Kicking things off with Events ending this week we're saying farewell to Blannid's Brave Boost Memoir Update, so you still have until maintenance on Thursday to finish up your Memoir books to get a homestead picture that can booth your Bonus Damage from 0.10-1%! You can also get auction house coupons and a Blaanid transformation medal so if you want any of those, make sure to get those memoirs done!

As a companion "event" to the Blannid's Brave Boost Memoir Update Event, the Cherry Blossom Rain will also be going away with this event, so no more cherry blossoms fluttering in the wind. The Blaanid themed Attendance Check is ongoing until June 10th.

Blaanid's Brave Boost Memoir Update/A Fresh Memory Celebration Events:

Moving on. The next event that's ending has been with us since early MARCH. That's right everyone, I'm talking about the Playful Puzzle Event! It's finally ending this week, so make sure you collect your prizes. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU COLLECT YOUR PRIZES. Pretty sure if you don't collect your prizes out of that UI window where you fit your pieces, you'll lose your chance to redeem them. Everyone has put in a lot of time to earn them, so I'd hate to see them lost to anyone! Everyone, spread the word and tell your friends in case they don't frequent the news pages!

Playful Puzzle Event:

The last item to discuss is the Sale that's ending this week. It's the Street Art Box! It's a little more modern than the game environment, but it's still a pretty fun looking box! I think the Heaven Spot Wings are really cute! Just like any other gacha, make sure to pick up any last minute stacks before they're gone!

Street Art Box:

That's it for this week's Heads-Up! Happy Gaming, everyone!