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Beauty Coupons and Pon...

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I suggested something about buying with pon, beauty coupon purchased hair, eyes, etc. instead of using the coupons we could temporarily hold a style like we did back then...It helped out the game's devs as well as kept the game more alive...I was once able to buy styles with pon I think in an event but it never lasted long enough and I wasn't able to get what I wanted out of it. I make tons and I mean "TONS" of characters when I'm able to and I create different combat styles with different personalities...And it just doesn't help that I need to gamble in gacha just to get the item I want versus what I need to make my character fresh and sassy. The problem is we have all these old popular styles that nobody can buy or unlock anymore because of the sheer rarity and people hoard the coupons for themselves to sell for a much higher price than normal later. This causes a flux in the market and many of us lower class players (medium even) don't have the gold to buy it and we're too lazy to have to run multiple SM's ... The game has become too much of a grind and we need a stable version of the facial expressions so we can buy them perhaps with pon and get better items later as they release through a gacha. Gacha's are still needed, this is true, however it isn't supposed to be your main focus. It isn't very fun to get nothing good and then have to spend $100 dollars just to get a single piece of clothing and quit trying due to the disappointment. Only thing gacha is good for is selling whatever crap you got from it...
  1. Are you wanting a change in Pon use for face decor?2 votes
    1. I'm itching for a better payment option...
       100% (2 votes)
    2. I'm cool with what we got now!
       0% (0 votes)
    3. I've gotten exactly what I wanted from gachapon!!! >:(
       0% (0 votes)
    4. I am addicted to SM's so badly that I haven't shat for months.
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  • CyborgJiroCyborgJiro
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    Definitely agree, it's extremely hard to get any old customization options and hoping for them to rerelease an old gatcha just for a tiny chance even if they do rerelease the gatcha for a limited time is a pain