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Shoot for the Stars!

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Astro needs your help getting into the Royal Society of Astronomy! Research different topics and obtain research points to help Astro. Check out the details on the webpost.

Event Dates: Thursday, July 15th, After Maintenance - Thursday, August 19th, Before Maintenance



  • FluoretteFluorette
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    There's a royal society of astronomy? We don't really get much insight on the celestial bodies within the universe Erinn takes place in (at least as far as I've gotten in game, cough cough) ... and I'm quite curious about the ones seen on the teaser page. I don't know if the Stardust update is actually equipped to explain that stuff, based on what I scanned through on the KR page sometime ago, but I guess I'll see it if it does happen.

    By the way... ... ... Does anyone know if it's possible to collect Milk from the free cow? (I don't see udders. :D)
  • TwistedxFateTwistedxFate
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    Since deleting anything isn't possible, ignore this. I'm just stupid