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Get more Stardust quests than intended (Exploit)

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in Bugs and Glitches
I found an Exploit the other day when I was mindlessly doing quests for Stardust materials that allows you to get more stardust quests than intended.

Bug Details
a. This Exploit I'd found allows you to get more than the intended one quest at a time. This is an issue/exploit as I believe it is intended you get only one quest at a time. This allows you to progress what I'd imagine is faster than intended by grabbing multiple quests at once.
b. For how to recreate the issue I'll explain and also attach a gif
1. Have quests of the desired type cleared out
2. Grab a new quest of any rank from Melwyn
3. Quickly before it can give you a new quest, talk to Melwyn again and "switch quests and pick a new quest. If done before it can give you a new quest, you'll receive both quests
4. If you change channels or relog it will fix this. However, if you remain on the channel, you can complete both without having to return to Melwyn.
Note: This may only work when you're able to able to switch quests at the time, I've not tested this enough to know if this is the case.
c. What should happen I believe is it Should allow you get one quest at a time instead of allowing you to get two at once.