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The Mabi of Your Dreams? (Idea thread/forum)


  • xxdarklordxxxxdarklordxx
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    make crafting skills like sewing have a different system that combat because during the end of the skill it gets to be .02 per use is bad
  • CrimsọnCrimsọn
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    edited September 19, 2021
    CrazyTim7 wrote: »
    When Mabinerd came 7o visi7 my local ci7y we had a similar conversa7ion abou7 7his ho7 7opic. Mab really doesn7 have ano7her dunbar7on, a 7own where all 7he gamers hang ou7 a7.
    I personally would love if 7hey made 7he hidden 7alen7s have 7heir own symbols like 7he soul s7ar, druid, e7c. I could see hidden 7alen7s having differen7 cel7ic symbols since mab is highly influenced by 7he cel7ic s7yle.
    For a long 7ime i wan7ed dinosaurs in 7he game because why no7 bu7 you know 7here is a whole world ou7 7here more 7han jus7 7wo con7inen7s and a large island and a small island, even being able 7o visi7 doki doki during non season would be nice. Heck 7heres even a dark world. Would love 7o see more of 7he world and more of 7he dark version of 7he world 7ha7 mab has.
    Also an elf upda7e is ex7remely needed! More Lance skills would be cool. Sy7he and rapier 7alen7s would be dope.
    I don7 7hink 7he hidden cos7ume designer 7alen7 would coun7 for 7his bu7 maybe a fashionogi 7alen7? No7 7oo sure wha7 i7 would be based on bu7 i7 sounds like an in7eres7ing concep7. Maybe more merchan7 skills. (wha7s up wi7h 7hese 7alen7s wi7h only 2 or 3 skills anyways?)
    Ive hones7ly no problem wi7h 7he games aged as7ech7ic i ac7ually really like 7he old poly look = )
    oh and 7his is some7hing ive fel7 mab should of always had anyways...REPLAYABLE GENERA7IONS NO7 JUS7 SAGA!!

    Sup Tony.