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Guild member promote/demote isn't working properly

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in Bugs and Glitches
The ability to promote guild members to Sr. Member status is broken, and has been for quite a while. I think possibly the members that have had name changes might be what causes the script error to trigger? Because when I try to promote & demote a member that hasn't had a name change and never had a server tag, it works fine, but anyone that I try to promote that has been through a name change triggers the error. Also, a member that hasn't been through any name change, but has had the server tag added to their name, is able to be promoted but is unable to be demoted.

We've recently added in a guild council and wanted to promote our new council members in-game, and I'm sad to see this basic guild function is broken. Mabi guilds already don't do a whole lot unless you've won the Tir or Dunby guild tournaments, so I really hope ya'll can at least get this small feature up and running again.

I've also made a ticket about this issue as well. Thank you for your time!