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Mini-Tutorial for Avon-Mission Avalon-Bridge ELITE

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Although far from a «perfect» product/production, this should help more people get an idea as to how to farm the Avon-Mission, Avalon-Bridge on Elite-Mode, with maximum-successes more consistently...

Although I have not gone overseas again in order to test whether it is possible to achieve the max-score, especially since the distance from Euro-Asia continents causes significant-latency when connecting to North-America servers (for a game like this, anyway, yes, even with Nagle-Algorithm disabled), I think it might still be possible if one combines the Alchemist-Shock skill with this method during the final-phases (possibly)...

Good luck on farming whatever it was I was trying to farm for by historically spamming this mission since the object/product/weapon/etc., or what-ever I was trying to obtain, did not seem to even be listed on the market... hopefully this will help the rest of you as I am now somewhat semi-retired from my once-home-world Mabinogi-life (due to running into «authoritarian» [possibly automated] aspects of the game-company from several months or a year or so ago which reminds me too much of certain extremely traumatic life-experiences) so it will be up to the rest of you to resume the «farming» this Mission on Elite-Mode to try and get those Rare-Treasures out onto the Market.

Whilst it may seem like a strange claim, even though you might all think it is only possible in video-games, I will obtain the power of a god out in the what we typically call «real» world as I continue to develop my skills... have a nice day and bye for now !