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(Un)Availability of Karma Koin in Australia

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edited October 1, 2021 in Item/Premium Shop
On the Karma Koin web site, the only Australian retailer listed is JB HiFi.

Karma Koin isn't listed on the JB web. I have previously bought Karma Koin at JB and asked why it wasn't listed. The answer was a little vague but seemed to be that Karma Koin cards have to be activated by the cashier using a code supplied by their computer system. Sounds odd, but this meant they could only sell it in store, not on their web site.

So today I rang the local JB to see if they could sell me some Karma Koin. The answer was "no" for 2 reasons.

1. Being in a COVID lockdown zone, my local JB can only do click and collect, where the order is placed online and the product collected at the barricade at the front door of the shop. Since Karma Koin is not in the online shop, it can't be bought from JB. This applies to all lockdown zones; so over half of the Australian population.

2. They stopped stocking Karma Koin because they weren't selling enough to make it viable. Same for Razer Gold. They only sell the "popular" cards, like Steam, PlayStation and Xbox. (The person I spoke to listed 5 or 6, but I've forgotten the others.)

Had a look at Razer Gold. The Razer web site has a couple of other retailers in Australia: EB Games and Harvey Norman/Domayne. But they seem to have the same story. They can only do click and collect, and their web site doesn't have Razer Gold, so even if they do have it in stock, they can't legally sell it.

Maybe I should switch to some game that makes it easier for me to pay them.


  • CrimsọnCrimsọn
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    OR just use credit. If you need codes, go to or There are TONS of different payment methods. You can even pay using bitcoin.