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Talent Idea: GunBlade

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Now idk about anyone else, but iv always loved gunblades in games. Being able to unleash sick combos is always fun. Thus I have decided to talk about the gunblade talent idea I have. So obviously they would do whatever they wanted, but here's the skills and things I would add.

Talent :GunBlade
This talent has an ability called mode which switched between gun and sword mode. Both of these modes combo into the other. Both modes use all abilities and because of that you would have less of them. Staying at a total of 4 abilities, counting both modes 8 in total. The mode does not count as an ability and there's no cooldown to switch between allowing for combos to made. Abilities in GunMode and SwordMode have there own cooldowns, meaning if you switch from sword mode to gun mode the ability wont be on cooldown, but if you switch back the ability that was on cooldown will still be on cooldown. Cooldowns only count down if you're in that mode. So if you go from gun mode to sword mode with a 10 second cooldown on an ability it'll stay there until you switch back and wait out the duration. You'll have to also level up gun mode abilities separate from sword mode.

Stats: Str/Dex/Int - I would want this class to be heavily reliant on stamina and mana to make up for the damage output.

Gun Mode Basic attack: 2 Hit combo, first hit staggers second hit dashes to opponent and knocks them back with the sword. Dex/Str
Sword Mode Basic attack: 3 Hit combo where the last hit is a gun blast that has knockback and stagger. Str/Dex

Ability 1 Active
GunMode: Consumes mana to charge a shot, you can shoot this off at any time. Max charge is 5 seconds. While charging your walkspeed is reduced by 75%. This ability gets tricky because the longer its charged the more Int damage it does, the less its charged the more Dex damage it does.
SwordMode: Dashes towards target and stabs them with the sword and fires off a shotgun like blast of bullets which staggers the enemy.

Ability 2 Active
GunMode: Changes your gunmode's basic attack for 6 seconds and allows you to shoot from a range. Bullets will bounce to the nearest enemy if close enough at reduced damage. Bullet first hit does Dex damage, bounce damage after that is int.
SwordMode: Changes your swordmode's basic attack for 6 seconds and allows you to teleport next to your target after hitting the first successful combo. The teleport consumes mana and stamina.

Ability 3 Active
GunMode: Allows you to target yourself or an ally with a elemental shield of your choice. Shields remain up until you take them down or run out of mana.
SwordMode: 2 charges. Allows you to slam the ground hitting any enemies around you in a small aeo. This slam staggers and allows you to use the skill a second time to send them flying.

Ability 4 Passive
GunMode: Mastery - Consumes less mana and stamina
SwordMode: Mastery - Reduces cooldowns of other GunSword abilities.