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edited March 7, 2017 in Alexina Marketplace


Primitive Fox Armor (F) - 50,000 Gold - SOLDU~!!

Bunny Ribbon Suit (F) - 50,000 Gold

Gamyu Wizard Robe (M) - 70,000 Gold

Winter Messenger Outfit (F) - 200,000 Gold - SOLDU~!

Justice Set (M) - 500,000 Gold - SOLDU~!!

Phoenix Ear Muffs - 100,000 Gold

Old Saint Nick Boots (M) - 50,000 Gold

Old Saint Nick Boots (F) - 50,000 Gold

Winter Messenger Shoes (F) - 100,000 Gold - SOLDU~!!

Tribal Bird Bracelet - 200,000 Gold

Halloween Witch Robe - 300,000 Gold

* Justice Suit Hat - 100,000 Gold -SOLDU~!!

* Justice Suit Boots - 100,000 Gold - SOLDU~!!


Blue Upgrade Stone (X9) - 50,000 Gold Each

Super Sticky Taffy (X10) - Note Me Offer

Defender Of Justice Shopping Bag Coupon - 500,000 Gold - SOLDU~!!

Dye Ampoules - Note Me Offer - SOLDU~!!


Conductor's Podium (X5) - 100,000 Gold

Hipster Musician's Oak Barrel (X6) - 100,000 Gold - SOLDU~!!

Tap Dance Floor Board (X6) - 100,000 Gold - SOLDU~!!

IGN: Rikalukizi