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[Resolved] Elite Vanguard Uniform (M) animation

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edited November 4 in Bugs and Glitches
After the recent update the animation has been fixed:
The animation now includes the character dusting his knees/legs

- After the recent update, the animation of the Elite Vanguard Uniform has been cut down to end before completing a whole loop of its idle animation.
- Whether the uniform is from the Dressing Room or is equipped the idle animation has this issue.

I don't have a recording of the original animation as a whole; this is the animation after the update:

- The transition of kneeling ends briefly and the character stands up right away. The character is supposed rise up from the kneeling position to dust off his knees then continue to the standing pose.

This is the female uniform showing the whole idle animation:

* The Elite Vanguard Uniform's whole animation lasts longer than 10 seconds.
* Even with the new Blinking option turned off, the idle animation still ends abruptly.

-Nao server, Ryojin