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Old Clothing Animation Addition

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I think it'd be really cool to see a rerelease of the old outfits with animations. For example, the Sultry nurse outfit.
They could make a new gacha with them, and also have a coupon that changes the old item into one with an animation. This could be done with many many outfits, so I'll list a small amount below (my char is female so idk the male equivalent names):

Sheep Sonata Outfit
School Sportswear
The myriad of swimsuits (School Swimsuits, Wild/Striped/Lace/Revealing Swimsuit)
Great Outdoors sets
Night witch/mage
Sultry Nurse
Butterfly Dress
Yukata sets

Etc. I could list many more, but I think especially with the custom motion update we will get this is a great way to revitalize old outfits and also would be good for the company to make money. I know I would absolutely jump on this if it were implemented, and I'm sure the fashionogi community would much appreciate it.
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