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"Safe" tiles in event are also trapped.

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I can't even win one round of this game because even the starting tile is trapped or sends me back rip. I know I'm not touching any other tile because the safe tiles flash green before I get sent back, and it shows that I'm standing smack in the middle of them. IDK how else to win these minigames if it's doing this.


  • FluoretteFluorette
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    I wouldn't mind being turned into a sheep every other tile if I wasn't suddenly teleported back to the start a few steps later. Either the tiles are far too sensitive here, or there's some trick to the game with the "safe path" we're just not getting.
  • pawcalypsepawcalypse
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    edited October 29, 2021
    Apart from setting off "traps" like getting frozen in place, etc.. It seems the game has rubberband and lag affecting the character's placement when stepping on the "safe tiles" of the path.
    When it lags the path is revealed to be separate circles/tiles.
    In some instances when the character looks like they walked on the path where it's safe, your character may have suffered from lag and walked outside that path making you start all over. I sometimes click twice on the tile I am on just to be sure I did not walk out of bounds; sometimes when I click again, the game refreshes and I am actually close to the edge of the path.
    I choose to do the mini game in a channel where it isn't so busy or leave the mini game and have it reset until the path is easier.