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Event/Sale Heads-Up! 11/4/21

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edited November 1, 2021 in General Chat
It's that time again, Millietians! This week we're saying goodbye to an event and a Cash Shop sale!

For the Event portion, it's the The Milletian Detective's Journal event! Make sure to stack those Halloween Ghost Fragments to get your Spirit Transformation Liqueur! Run those last (or just sit and let the spirit win) highlighted tile races and exchange your coins for prizes before it's too late! Complete Coin Shop list in the link below.

Milletian Detective's Journal Event:

For the Sale, it's the Erinn Beauty Sale 2021, which includes the Super-Spectrum Hair Dye Ampoule Box and the Erinn Beauty Box. Looking to get any of the latest appearances and colors? Grab a stack. Complete list in the link below.

Erinn Beauty Sale 2021:

That's all for now! Happy Gaming, Everyone!