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Homestead Selfie Screenshot Contest

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edited March 23, 2017 in Tarlach Chat
-Homestead Selfie Screenshot Contest #1-
(I've hosted a few contests before but the first one of this year)
1) Picture must be in homestead ( I would say it has to be yours but I've no way of knowing o3ob )
2) You must be in the picture ( you can have friends but only person who submits picture can win)
3) Include your in game name either in the comment or in the picture
4) Must have minimal amount of effort
4th Place - 375k + 1 Homestead Gift Pile
3rd Place - 750k + 1 Homestead Gift Pile
2nd Place - 1.5m + 1 Homestead Tropical Party Pineapple
1st Place - 3m + 4 Homestead Cookie Trees
-Extra Info-
Winner will be chosen randomly, basically like pulling names out of a hat
Prizes and Event date subject to change depending on amount of contestants, if you have any questions feel free to note me in game (Analyly) or ask below
Dates: 02/28/17 -> 03/14/17
-Example Picture Below-
4th Place: Wug
3rd Place: Lillaith
2nd Place: Yuting
1st Place: Signalman