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Recruiting for Annwn!

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edited December 7, 2021 in Guild and Party Recruitment
As you're walking to do a shadow mission in Tara, you're suddenly drawn to a sound in the Corrib Valley. It sounds like dogs, as if they were chasing something. You rush to the sound, following it to a river. But there you only find a stone. As you touch the stone, you suddenly realize you're not in Erinn anymore. You've entered the realm of Annwn. In this place you will meet many new people. People who may have different goals in life, people who want to have fun with others, people who just want to chill and live their fantasy life to the fullest.

Our guild was founded with a goal, and that goal was to recreate the feeling of community that I had in this game a decade ago. I remember gathering and joking around just for the heck of it. Doing a mission for no other reason than to just have something to do with friends. Coming together and doing concerts, having meetings. Having your own events just for the heck of it.

So it is my goal as leader to provide a cohesive community, that creates fun outside the lines that the game gives us. To promote growth and help you with your goals. To not just expect you to be able to do something, but also bring you up to the level to do something. So far we have gained many people, all with a similar feeling as I have. Whether you want to strike down gods, or becoming a crafting god, we have a place for you. That will continue to support you in achieving your goals.

Discord: If I have not explained my vision enough, I will gladly talk with you. Even if you don't want to join, and just need a friend in-game, I will be there.

Please contact me also if you want to join, or just apply at the guild stone in Corrib Valley


  • ConveyConvey
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    Is this guild new player friendly?
  • JayoJayo
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    It's great for new players! most of us are new or returning players on new accounts!