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Web site issue: overly aggresive redirect

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Trying to access any page on the web site redirects to

It looks like your web site sets a cookie, which theoretically means you can test for the existence of the cookie and make the redirect only happen once per user. But some of us are privacy-conscious, and have our browsers set to delete all cookies when closing our browser. So every time I open my browser and try to go to a particular bookmarked page, such as the news page, I end up back on the landing page. (Currently it's even worse, since after getting thrown to the landing page, and making a second attempt to get to the bookmarked page I really want, there's a second redirect that throws to the temporary event microsite at

How about you make your redirect less aggressive.

If someone goes to the the main address of, test if they have a cookie set from a previous visit and if they don't it's plausible to redirect them to, though if you don't want your web site to appear pushy, it would be better to first display a dialog ASKING them if they would like to be redirected to a general introductory page. That's not hard to implement.

But if the someone tries to access a particular page on the web site other than the main page, such as, that's a pretty clear indication that they are already familiar with the site, so how about you just give them the page they asked for, rather than testing for a cookie and redirecting them to a landing page if you don't find it.