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[For Mods (Only U can help me.)]Quest Soft-locked!

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Hey there!
Okay so I'm on my first character of this account, enjoying the events, it's going great!
So, I'm doing the little quest chain from the Bard Camp! Love bards, I always pick Bard as my talent!
But I came across a problem.
So do the quest prior to Yvona & Ailla's time, she gives me her music scroll and mandolin.
Nothing wrong there.

But I had repeat playing instrument on for easier skill leveling, I had COMPLETELY forgotten.
I hit play because she wanted me to play it, leave to go do housework, come back, all 100 plays for the scroll are gone!
Yet that wouldn't be a problem but as it turns out, the next quest [Yvona & Ailla's time] asked me to do it again!

And the thing is, she asks if you have the scroll, 'n whichever I choose [I lost it] or [No], it will say I have it in the my inventory, WHICH IS TRUE!
Because you can't do anything to get it out of your possession!
You can't drop, there's no option for destroy, no giving it to your pet, no banking, no trading, no gifting!
But you can't play it for her with all the plays gone!

Even stranger while Aillah is the one the quest light shines & you're most definitely supposed to go to her as she is the only one you can interact in depth enough to consider quest-important, it says Tengu, the old lady at the camp is who the quest scroll says I'm supposed to talk to, but it's definitely without a doubt Ailla I should be talking to as she asks me to play the scroll!

So I'm softlocked in my favorite quest line and I don't know what to do!
I really think the only thing anyone could do is for a mod or admin to get into my account & give me a new [Ailla's Music Score].

My characters name is TallTailTail in the Nao server and I can't advance in this quest line (which iirc) has some items and abilities behind the other quests in the same questline.

And even if there happens not to be anything beneficial behind the quest line, I find it still natural to wanna finish it, if not it's gonna bother me forever.


  • JerrySwitzerJerrySwitzer
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    I know this is an old post and you've prolly figured it out already. But if you wish for help from a mod, you will probably have more luck submitting a ticket over the issue at the Support page:
    Hope this helps and wish you luck o7