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Gold Rebalance

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i wonder who is the brainless one that thinks a GOLD rebalance is going to help =.= That is not gonna fix it thats just going to make things worse and tilt ALOT of people just because they have excessive gold x.x and above all else why should i and my characters wealth have to suffer just because i have gold that i dont want to spend when im currently not interested in buying anything...

all this is going to do is make the mabi population drop more with people quiting mabi because of it x.x
not to mention i dont really see the problem with inflation...

This is a GAME =.= not IRL.....

a better way to deal with this is actually have a price cap on very expensive items that those greedy "elitist" brats that like to overprice stuff for whatever reason x.x

Why should i have to suffer for my HARD earned gold x.x?

what do you dears think? will it "fix" it or make it worse?

Theres also the gachas that NX make that players have been overpricing the outfits aswell
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  • HabimaruHabimaru
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    Interesting topic which certainly deserves some effort by everyone to comprehend.

    Whilst reading through this, I had a random thought, and, that was to simply assign someone as the world-banker who decides if/when any more «gold» gets injected into the system/economy (and I am NOT referring to making an NPC for this purpose, but, someone honest who decides upon how much over-all gold exists or should be existing in the world or not, whether some assigned/elected player or some G-M or otherwise).

    Game already has tons of «useless» items as it is and a lack of space (bag, bank, pet-bags, etc) within which to store them all. Certainly, this is not «real» life, but, realistic «solutions» come from the entrepreneurial mind-set, and, the only reason such «hyper-inflation» even exists that I can even think of as being a «logical» reason is because of all of that power-hyper-dimensional-warp-speed-mega-jump-god-wars-creep (because calling it mere «power-creep» really is quite and under-statement-level mis-nomer) that has allowed for far more efficient means of spamming activities that result in gold-bags being filled much more quickly than they ever could before back during the days prior to the introduction of the Alban-Knights.

    Also, what people call money or currency is really meant to be a representation of a storage of energy/effort, but, does not necessarily need to be limited to gold/debt-notes/etc.; the more difficult it is to produce/mine/manufacture/etc., the less volatility there will be on prices of goods, etc., and, because of my more entrepreneur-oriented mind-set, instead of designing an MMORPG entirely around farming some particular quest/dungeon/mission through endless repetitive-combat, I have a preference to want to encourage more people to learn how to make/manufacture those goods themselves (what good is even the «Alchemy» skill-tab if Transmutation and other such forms of Metal-Conversions are only limited to Metal-Ores ? Amongst all of those other useless-items that come about from Random-Synthesis; yes, yes, realistically, a savvy entrepreneur would be employing scores of other alchemists to be doing the manufacturing work which the «capitalist» then finds a way to market to the public and grow his/her company, but, I must be digressing now or maybe revealing too much in the way of some trade-secret).

    Truly, in a world where there is such a thing as Rank 1 or even Dan 3 Tailors, the fact that they cannot seem to «sew» together «fashion» clothing (and/or wigs) despite their skills with a sewing machine (or at least Mabinogi's equivalents), demonstrates the serious artificial-limitations where even you there behind the screen reading this can actually surpass Mabinogi's Dan-3 tailors in the sense that you'd be far more successful in replicating and sewing up your own cos-play outfits where-as Mabinogi's Dan-3 Tailors have an incredibly difficult time just trying to obtain/store sufficient wool/silk/thread/etc., and, even finding patterns to try to use as some sort of blue-print, let alone being able to think creatively enough to be able to find some other way to reproduce those «fashionogi» outfits that so many people say are so over-priced... I would seriously «make a killing» (English-language slang for becoming extremely rich) if I ended up like some animé-character who found himself in an Isekai like Mabinogi and could port mine own skills/knowledge/wisdom from the previous world to be used in this world...
  • CrimsọnCrimsọn
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    edited January 15
    This thread tilts me with the whole "elitest brats" bit. This is a fever dream of paranoia and is completely invalidated because NONE of this garbage is going to be implemented. You need to learn how to verify the information that you get wind of instead of feeding into paranoia.
  • HelsaHelsa
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    How many game out there don't experience persistent high prices in the PC markets; isn't this par for the course? Nexon makes efforts to help, from time to time, but, for the most part, I don't think they're losing any sleep over this; at least not any more. The only thing they really care about is real-world trading.
  • NizutoNizuto
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    Demoncat wrote: »
    post with citation needed
    I have no idea where you get your information from. The gold rebalance from what I heard focuses on 4 main things:
    1. Inventory gold becomes like any currency in most MMOs, capped at 1m, no space taken thus no more gold pouches needed
    2. Gold boxes from gacha (and maybe events?) can be used to increase the cap, at 10k cumulative level you get a +1mil cap up, thus 2mil without focusing this aspect, for free.
    4. Bank gold cap can be expanded with cash shop items.
    3. Commerce changes focused around the points mentioned above. Basically non-cash shop alternative ways to benefit from these features.

    Not everybody is on the discord server or on plebbit so you should let us know what you're talking about so we can all be on the same page and see if you misunderstood anything or someone gave you misinformation. If you're talking about the bank and its cap let us know yourself what the current bank cap is and how anything related to the gold rebalance somehow affects your stored gold since the changes revolve around expanding further the limits. If all this is made up by you then kindly take your meds.

    Lets talk about specific points in your post:
    Demoncat wrote: »
    not to mention i dont really see the problem with inflation...

    The problem of inflation has been around ever since the inception of every MMO with free market. It's a negative thing that if left unchecked will kill the economy of any game, demoralize newbies from playing and in extreme cases people use items as currency instead because those specific items make quantifying value easier. Point is that you should see it as a problem since it does affect the population of the game and how the economy works. It's a problem all MMO companies haven't found a clear solution that won't have big downsides or unforeseen consequences. Money sinks are the go-to bandaid, hence why we have features like Stardust and taxes on checks or AH transactions, but they're not long term solutions and things only get worse over time.
    Demoncat wrote: »
    a better way to deal with this is actually have a price cap on very expensive items that those greedy "elitist" brats that like to overprice stuff for whatever reason x.x

    Those are either trolls or market misleaders. The basic idea with the latter is that items have value if people perceive them as valuable. For irl examples see NFTs and frankly even clothing brands. For Mabi, as long as nobody buys things overpriced all they do is waste their time and AH listing slots. There's also price gouging, buying as much of the supply as possible and then monopolizing the market, a power abuse on the free market.
    But all this assumes the items in question aren't on high demand to begin with and it's just some people trying to rig the prices because nobody else is selling at the time. You should consider supply and demand too, and how rare an item is before something is considered overpriced.

    There has been at least 1 MMO with regulated market. I haven't kept up with the game or know the exactly details how it worked but it looked promising as an idea to combat inflation, or at the very least slow it down way more compared to free market.
    Demoncat wrote: »
    what do you dears think? will it "fix" it or make it worse?
    Actually there is a potential side effect to discuss unrelated to what you said but regarding the gold rebalance. If people can store up to 1mil (or 2 at 10k+) just like that, and 1mil on each pet, then gold farmers that get involved in RMT will have an easier time farming gold. The gold convenience will enable these farmers to keep ruining the value of gold, having a much easier time focusing it because they can minimize bank trips. Before they had to invest in gold pouches taking up space, or gold boxes requiring gold, thus creating a decent hard limit and a hindrance (assuming they would invest in doll bags to get more gold pouches/boxes), losing all that investment if banned.

    Basically the default future gold cap per player along with blaanid boost and free pets make it easier and easier for RM traders to restart and continue their work even if banned, just by making a new account. In my opinion the default gold cap should be around 100k-200k, then increased gradually at some milestones after the 5k+ total level mark, capping at the intended default 2mil one at 10k.