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Add Locking of Combo Cards (and fix the gui)

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Issues with the gui:
- The multi-delete selection resets anytime your status window changes.
- You can apparently accidentally delete your active combo card (why is this even possible?)

It should be closer to the spirit gui. You should be able to seal/lock combo cards that cost 100s of millions of gold to make so that you can't accidentally delete it. You should be able to review all combo cards being deleted without having to scroll up and down looking at tiny little icons. Ideally this would be a separate review/confirmation window instead of a small tiny little "you're about to delete x ccs" which gives us basically no information whatsoever.

While farming combo cards, I had to delete a bunch of new ones to pick up more. During the selection process, the multi-delete reset itself. When i re-started the process, it selected my main active combo card without me realizing.

I did not notice this because that combo card is at the top while as all the trash ones that i was selecting were at the bottom leading to my accidentally deleting it. It was a 74% flameburst combo card, which is not a cheap item. Obviously since this was my mistake (due to in my opinion bad game design), I received no compensation and am now just a sad milletian.