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But why would you want to join my guild?

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edited May 11, 2022 in Guild and Party Recruitment
If you click on my guild stone you'll see this:
We are a low commitment guild. Our moto is: don't expect anything from us and we won't expect anything from you; deal? To make it clear: this is not an active place and we like it that way. Until we get near max size we don't care about how often you log in or whether you register alts. Although we are layed back, if you piss-off guildies you will be removed. So, if you want a low maintenance guild with a cool name, cool guild title, and cool robe, then give us a try.
I made the guild so I could access my alt's Homesteads. For me anything beyond that is gravy. It's a no expectations guild. Nonetheless some people have joined; go figure. I mean we don't do anything, yet they come. I guess it's a guild for folks that don't wanna be in a guild yet do, or for folks that just want to be left alone, or for folks that don't log in much, or, pragmatically, for folks that want to access THEIR alt's homesteads? Who knows. I mean all they have is the blurb up there and something about it actually appeals to them. Some people huh?

I suppose, because I'm known for really being into jousting, that, as of this writing, mine is one of three jousting guilds, on the server; we do have a lot of folks that are jousters but haven't logged in, in a while.

Meh. Whatever.

After all that, if you're still interested then let's make it fun: find out what my guild's name is and where our stone is and then click away; your funeral.