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Redoubled Offensive STILL bugs raids

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edited May 19 in Bugs and Glitches
Redoubled Offensive still causes raids to count as a failure when the reaper finishes the boss and doesnt give anyone contribution points for the damage it inflicts. This has been an issue now for so long that some players have even taken to bullying anyone they see with a reaper during raids for not knowing that this is an issue. I did find this issue reported sitting in the forwarded bugs section from back in 2019 but given that it is still an issue I get the sense that maybe you think youve fixed it, so I feel like I should report it again since that was years ago now. Please, this REALLY needs to be fixed, I'm sure everyone would like to be able to use this Technique in raids and im sure nobody new to raiding appreciates being talked down to for not knowing this is still an issue. It happened today at 6:35pm PST during a Mokkurkalfi raid on channel 1.

I suspect that the reapers damage isnt being counted as damage from the player and that this may be the cause of the issue, but as I have not seen the games code for myself there's no way I can be sure of that, this is just a guess based on observed behavior.