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Sale Heads-up! 5/26/22

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in General Chat
Hey, Milletians, it's a short one this week! The only thing ending is the Erinn Academy Box Gachapon. As usual, if you see anything you like in the box, try for a stack!

Erinn Academy Box:

Also, bear in mind that the Gold Pouch Removal Update will be coming with Thursday's maintenance, so make sure to transfer any gold you have in your bags into your banks and then sell your GOLD BAGS (they're 4,900 gold each to sell!) at an NPC because they will be GONE after the maintenance. DO NOT SELL GOLD BOXES, THESE WILL ALLOW YOU TO EXPAND YOUR GOLD CARRYING CAPACITY AND ARE NOT BEING REMOVED (I believe it will be as a consumable item of sorts). All of your gold will be treated similarly to ducats as it will be in your inventory screen but it will not take up any space. Please make sure to check your pets for any gold bags as well. More details in the link below.

Gold Pouch Removal:

Alright, that's all for now! Hope everyone's having a good week so far! Until next time, Happy Gaming, Everyone!~ (*^▽^*)