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Looking for People to Experience Erinn With

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in Guild and Party Recruitment
Hello! I've decided to start playing again, after the server merge. I am a warrior named ilari, and I am looking for people to hang with, experience content with, or just chat with.

Firstly, I am rather busy on workdays, but can always respond on discord if you want to plan something. Things I enjoy in the game are:
1. Learning, exploring, and doing content.
2. Just walking around and enjoying the world/social things
3. Story
4. Music

In real life I enjoy traveling, cooking, beverages (coffee, tea, alcohol, etc.) hiking, nature, animals, and language, among a host of other things. So if you want to just chill and share things like that, feel free.



  • HelsaHelsa
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    If you are into role-playing there are such guilds but I don't know any of their names. If you are looking for a regular nice guild try Valynthearts, they are friendly and active. I own a guild myself but it's probably not what you're looking for.