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Selzyr's Giveaway

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edited June 10, 2022 in General Chat
So, been around for quite a time, and stopped posting on these forums for...various reasons.

now before people raises the pitchforks, I'm just here to promote a bit myself(my twitch channel to be specific - and to give a bit back to the community.

11 of June is my Birthday, so I decided to make a "small" give away, still working on the logistics of it, it will be from 1am BST+1(5pm PDT) on the 11 of June(for me the stream will be past 1am, so, 12 of June for the Londoners around, we aren't that many I think)

The giveaway will have 40k NX divined into 4, so 10k NX prize each.(One entry per person on each giveaway, so people don't try to have multiple entries, followers only chat, ch1 Dunbarton around the Statue)
I'll ask people to bare with me since its my first giveaway like this.

Edit - Forgot to post the actual channel link heh....