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R>Toasted Aussie/Oceanic Guild

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in Guild and Party Recruitment
Hi As the Title says we are recruiting. We are an Aussie/Oceanic guild. We are Mostly active everyday, even though we are a small guild/community at the moment, we are looking for players around our time zone that play Mabinogi Gmt+8. Because some of us tired of joining guilds, and wanting to grind content in Mabinogi, only to find out we aren't welcome, or people are afk and asleep. When we are online.

We help dedicated new or returning players as well, We also do stream and play other games to.

We have been working on our guild website to which I'm not sure is actually allowed? but anyways, we do have our own guild rules. We also aim to make it social and fun which can be difficult.

So if you like the idea of chilling out and grinding content, or being social and playing mini games and help improve the guild or play the guild event's. Our main language is English. but other languages are welcome to. Feel free to contact us in game Miniknight Guild leader or Elivii The officer. For an Interview. I'm so used to being on Alexina server lol. I've played Mabinogi for over 10 years.

We do have requirement's though.
1. is to attend interview so we get to know your character a bit better and what your position is if your new or returning or been around a long time
so we will also ask what your goal's are and what is your total level/how active you are. & race you play in the game. we will also ask 1 more question and that is what exactly do you want in a guild? So it can help improve ours. So we also can see what benefits you to. Also if your online out of our time zone, there are plenty of other guilds you can join I mostly know the Alexina server ones. Because i played on that server until the recent merge.

2. Is to follow the rules.

3. Is if you use discord app or not. Because our guild does use discord. I also have a mental disorder in real life. So it is very important to respect each other and follow the rules. I'm not used to using the forums and I haven't read it's rules in a long time. So if I've done anything wrong by writing this post let me know.
I'm not used to using the forums so I better catch up on reading the rules. But if your also need more information about the guild just let us know on the forums underneath this post or contact us in game. Sorry for the long post, it's something that felt like it had to be done, because I notice the forums can be pretty dead at times.


  • HelsaHelsa
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    Good idea! Since you guys are all on the ... donkey end of the world, it makes sense to be in a guild together.