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Erinn Community Fair

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The Erinn Community Fair is a bi-yearly player-ran fair. All the events will be on Channel 10 August 19th to August 21st. This year, our very own Soul Streamers will be streaming some of the fun!

Fashion Contest Showcase with Sofia_Butterfly ft. Fyhir
- August 20th from 11:00 PM - 3:00 PM PDT
- Check out their Twitch channel here!

Homestead Contest Showcase with Brahfizzle ft. Cryozen, Livingdreamer, & Fierlyt
- August 21st from 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM PDT
- Check out their Twitch channel here!

Checkout some of the other fair streamers!

Donkroxa will be streaming most of the fair on their twitch channel, here!

For more information on the Erinn Fair, check out their Twitter page here. You can also join their Discord server here. For all of the different events, check out their flier down below!


This is a community ran event.


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    Helsa wrote: »
    The 2022 Erinn Community Fair held it's Jousting Tournament on Friday, August 19. There were thirteen entrants. It was a four-round, single elimination tournament with a fifth, placement round to determine the second, third, and fourth place finishers. All the action, with analysis, can be found here