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What is your milletian's backstory?

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Not sure if a thread has been started like this yet or not but be it for RP reasons or just for the fun of it, have you thought of a backstory for your character? Like, why did they come to Erin or maybe they've developed a quirk or two?

For my character, I've thought of a slightly comical yet risqué backstory for mine that makes me giggle everytime i tell it:

My Milletian is cursed to be 10yrs old FOREVER by Cichol after attempting to seduce him in return for more power at the age of 21. However this isn't an ordinary curse, her mind and body are still intact despite being physically locked as a 10yr old so her mentality,horomones,ect remains adult despite being so young.

This leads to the comical scenario she often finds herself in:

She wants to get laid but can't due to being locked in a 10yr old's body and no one(justifiably) believing she's older than she looks! XD
This leads to more comical situations where she forgets her situation, flirts, and gets either a weird look or treated like a kid with remarks like: "Aww, that's so cute, you have a crush on me. But i'm too old for you, why not try talking to some of the boys your age?" to which she just growls comically and stomps off. :P

What's your Milletian's backstory? If you don't have one, make one up! it can be fun! :3
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  • NegumikoNegumiko
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    Before I can even get into my milletians personal backstory first I need to talk about her family tree. Most of my mmo characters are connected to this family tree as my way of connecting them and their stories. Niemi was the first, a female elf from Erinn with white hair who fell in love with someone from another world who abandoned his duties as a soldier on his world hoping to to hide on Erinn. He died on Erinn and Niemi was left with two daughters. One was human named Negumiko and the other was a elf named Niimiko both with purple hair like their father. Negumiko had unnatural strength and feared nothing as a child until the night someone from her father's world came to take him back as it was his duty to return and fight for his people. When this person heard he was dead Negumiko was forced to take his place and go with this stranger to save her family at the age of 5. She never saw Niemi or her sister again but grew up to be a respectable warrior always putting her duty as a soldier above all else to makeup for her father's mistake.

    Now begins my main milletians story. The story of the human Niezumiko (also has purple hair) daughter of Negumiko. Although not born on Erinn it was quite clear Niezumiko was far weaker than her mother. Negumiko knew she would not last long on a world with constant wars and danger so she asked the man that originally abducted her for permission to take Niezumiko to Erinn and he agreed. Niezumiko being the most stubborn child in the family refused to accept this and Negumiko said "If you can do what I do you can stay but if you can't you will only slow me down," she lightly tapped a boulder bigger than a house barely even touching it and instantly turning it into dust. She watched as Niezumiko punched a boulder about the same size only hurting her hand trying not to shed a tear from the pain as Negumiko whispered to her "You're not strong enough and you never will be." The next day Negumiko took her to Erinn left her in Tara at the age of 5 same age Negumiko was when she had to leave home.

    Niezumiko began her Erinn life on the streets of Tara and quickly became friends with stray cats. She studied them and imitated their movements slowly becoming a proud neko warrior using her abilities to go from homeless to a hunter catching small thieves in Tara for money. By the age of 10 Niezumiko had finally saved enough to buy two bastard swords and knew her grandma was a elf so she decided to head towards Filia in hopes of finding more answers. From Tara to Port Cobh and from Cobh to Qilla was a easy travel but Iria was a far more harsh continent then she was expecting. The intense heat of Longa Desert was by far the most difficult and once she was near the Oasis she was overwhelmed by Desert Ghost Warriors. Niezumiko fought beautifully like a feral cat her twin swords slicing countless Desert Ghost Warriors but the numbers just wouldn't end as she collapsed from the intense heat and long fight. She didn't know if she was having a hallucination as she saw her mother Negumiko fall from the sky and with one swing of her blade she wiped out over half the Desert Warrior Ghosts already and she effortlessly defeated the rest not even getting a scratch as Niezumiko passed out right after. She awoke in a badly damaged and abandoned house near Filia only to find a note left behind from Negumiko saying "This is the family home. I have my own war to fight so this is the only time I intend to save you." Niezumiko never saw Negumiko after that as she still tries to figure out her complicated mother causing her to always push herself beyond her limits. Negumiko will never fully realize the overwhelming burden she placed on child as everything always came easy to her and Niezumiko will never fully understand overwhelming sacrifice her mother had to make. This is the fate of the family cursed to have mostly misfortune for falling in love with a being from another world.
  • LoomyOfPiLoomyOfPi
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    deathsia wrote: »
    This leads to more comical situations where she forgets her situation, flirts, and gets either a weird look or treated like a kid with remarks like: "Aww, that's so cute, you have a crush on me. But i'm too old for you, why not try talking to some of the boys your age?" to which she just growls comically and stomps off.

    As I recall from G2, you shouldn't have that problem with Bryce down at the Bagor bank. Being a female humanoid is his only criterion.

  • HelsaHelsa
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    I never really made one up but I do joke around with friends sometimes about my supposed business back in Vales called Helsa's House of Pain: Vales finest institute teaching proper manners and obedience, where I am Head Mistress. Now a public institution, after certain members of the government have been unambiguously documented as customers but would prefer that not being made public knowledge.