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Trying to reconnect, Dreams still around? Hi!

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in Erinn Chat
Hello everyone, Cassa from Mabinogi here. I was in Dreams and on the Tarlach server - probably where anyone would know me. If as many people could pass this on as possible, that would be appreciated. I don't want any friends to never know what happened to me. I hope this doesn't break any rules.

I have stage 4 breast cancer (Aug 2021) that spread to my brain (June 2022) and has now spread/grown again and is in my brain (7 spots) and spine (4). My spinal cancer has paralyzed me from the waist down, it happened rapidly over Dec 2022. I have gone through whole brain radiation and spine radiation to try and treat it over the holidays. Thankfully I'm a candidate of Immunotherapy and I am approved and we are doing that too along with chemo. That's my weekly gig now - house, family, paralyzed, looking after a toddler (she's 18 months now) and fighting cancer with all I have.

I will be on and off Mabinogi for the next little while if I can. I want to try to get rid of things, organize things and prepare my account in the event... well you know. So I'll be around. I hope people say hi or note. I might disappear one day but I've got family that will reach out for me setup so you don't remain too in the dark.

Love you guys and thanks for the Mabinogi experience. I'll be around if you want to reconnect.

PS - I would also love to meet new friends and experience all that Mabinogi has to offer (I'm midgame now) ^^!

- Cassa <3


  • NegumikoNegumiko
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    Sorry to hear you have to go through all that. I hope you are able to reconnect with your old Mabinogi friends that you are searching for. A lot in Mabinogi has changed and since we are all on one big server now it should be easy to meetup with anyone you knew from Mabinogi as long as they are still playing. Hopefully Mabinogi is bringing you a little joy during this crappy situation. You should probably check out the Mabinogi Discord as well to try and find the players you are looking for. The Forums are kind of dead these days or at least far less active then they used to be. I hope you have good luck with your treatments and make lots of Mabi friends.
  • ArcielliaArciellia
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    edited January 25, 2023
    Hi Cassa! Welcome back to Mabinogi. ❤

    My name is Arciellia (Arcie), and I am Mabinogi's newest Community Manager. I'm delighted to meet you!!
    It breaks my heart to read your post and hear about what you are enduring. Thank you for expressing your hardships.
    From the bottom of my heart, all of us from Mabinogi wish for the best for you while you focus on your health and family. We wish you the best of luck for your treatments and recovery!

    As Negumiko has mentioned, you might have better luck reconnecting with any of your past friends through our Mabinogi Discord, as it is our most active platform.
    It is also a great platform for finding new friends and running any content you could want in Mabinogi!
    Please don't hesitate to reach out to me at any point if there is anything I can do, or if you just want to chat! ❤
  • HelsaHelsa
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    I'm gonna start slow so bear with me. You've probably heard this but I'll repeat it. People remarked about how quickly the COVID vaccine was developed. The thing is it came from a totally different project using a new process to vaccines which had already had years of work behind it. Normally with vaccines, you either inject a very similar but non-troublesome bug, or dead versions of the actual bug, into the body so that the immune system can sniff at it and develope counter measures without it otherwise harming you too badly. I don't know how the COVID vaccines work but they came from a project working on developing a cancer vaccine. I don't know the details behind it but the gist of it was that some alert researcher figured that they could tweak their vaccine to work on COVID and, since only tweaking was required, it came to the market quickly. I presume cancer is an entirely different animal which is why no announcement has yet been made but it's coming and my understanding is that for folks, in your situation, hope is VERY important. I hope that brings you some comfort.
  • NioughtNiought
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    So sorry to hear what you're going through. I only now saw this, but I hope you're still doing well and found some of your old friends by now.