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Hot Day Event Heads-Up!/ 1/26/23

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in General Chat
It's a short heads-up this week! The only thing ending is the Lunar New Year Hot Day where you log in and get a Nianshou Whistle! Just make sure to log in and accept the whistle and that's it! Super easy!

Lunar New Year Hot Day:

That's it for this week! Happy Gaming, Everyone!~


  • ArcielliaArciellia
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    Yay thanks for this reminder!! Make sure y'all get your cute Nianshao pet!
  • HelsaHelsa
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    Linny Linny Linny Mabinogi ogi ogi ogi. Linny Linny Linny Mabinogi ogi ogi ogi.

    It needed to be said.
  • NegumikoNegumiko
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    So according to Chinese legends a Nian was a hideous beast sometimes described as having features of a lion, unicorn, or ox. It was a big creature that lived in the mountains and would come down near the end of the year to destroy farms and scare or sometimes even kill people and animals. They feared loud noises and the color red so red lanterns, red decorations, and firecrackers were used to scare them off.


    This image actually looks more like the Nianshao pet we got:

    Shao means music, harmonious, or excellent so since the Nian often resembles a lion the Nianshao pet could be called LionMusic, LionHarmonious, or LionExcellent.