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☪ noah's commissions [PP + gold]

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edited March 14, 2023 in Art Creations
More examples, terms, and USD prices are in this doc! Please read this before contacting me!!!
USD Prices range from $20-$50, max $80 if you're looking for 2 characters!
Form for ordering is also in that link, so if you're interested in paying with USD, filling out that form is preferred!


For now I'm working with a rate of 1mil G = 1 usd, so gold prices are:

simple color:
bust: 20mil (+1 character: +10mil each)
waist: 30mil (+1 character: +15mil each)
full: 40mil (+1 character: +20mil each)

bust: 30mil (+1 character: +20mil each)
waist: 40mil (+1 character: +25mil each)
full: 50mil (+1 character: +30mil each)

I'll accept items on my wishlist as payment, alone or in addition to gold for a “discount” of sorts on the gold price.

If you're interested in paying via in-game methods, DMing me at these forums or at jaden#9187 on Discord is preferred! but I'm also reachable in-game at Fawaris

here are some further examples of some works i'm fond of if you don't feel like clicking through my example links


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    edited wishlist to be nicer + easier to look at. also reserving this comment jic ww