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Mage and Archer set to become SS-tier talents

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edited August 7, 2023 in Content from Other Regions
DISCLAIMER: This content is currently under review and subject to change before official release.

Dark Mage skill showcase:

-Explosive Lunge
---The "dark dragon" looking skill
---Seems to be capable of dishing out 1m damage crits* with a cooldown of 10 seconds

-Lightning Chain
---An activation-based passive attack that continuously and rapidly can hit 100k crits*
---It also allows the user (as long as they keep using their magic weapon) to use other mage skills like FB, Thunder, etc.

-Property Conversion: Dorcha
---Essentially turn mana into Dorcha
---This will be necessary since dark mage skills chew Dorcha

-Property Conversion: Mana
---Supposedly recover mp

-Snow Storm
---Looks like the "death cyclone"
---Pulls enemies in continuously for 10 seconds, cooldown of 60 seconds

-Mana Blockade
---Stops enemies from using magic-based skills
---Take that Caris/Slimes

-Mana Pierce
---A passive that grants up to 3 levels of piercing for magic skills
---You need 1000 Magic Attack for one, 1100 for two, and 1300 for three piercing (no small feat)
---Yes this would likely be on top of NA's ruination/demolition sets
---Add 2 Irusan bells and a Destructive Robe (also no small feat) and NA mages may see up to 9 possible piercing levels
---Using Mana Pierce does consume Dorcha per shot

-Dark Mage Link V (5) Highlights
---Advanced Magic Damage +5%
---200 added magic attack
---Another 200 magic attack (and mana recovery speed) during Bachram Boost
---100 added MP

-Dark Mage Link X (10) Highlights
---All the bonuses from before, except:
>>>>>Additional MP 100 --> 150
>>>>>Advanced Magic Damage +5% --> 10%
---Piercing 1
---Increases Lightning Chain AND Snowstorm range by 2 meters
---Reduces enemy magic defense by an additional 600 when using staff
---Two cast charges will be added to both fusion bolt and intermediate magic (CC+2)

Crom Bas Dark Mage Runs:


What appear to be good additional strategies for this build?
-Thunder + spirit/ego staff/wand with max Lucky Strike
---This lets users maximize the number of rapid hits to enemies, meaning better MP recovery/management
---Thunder also helps stun/knock down, and pairs swimmingly with Death Mark
---Fast hits of course with other mage skills usually fare fine; depends on context
-Whale pets (due to Purifying Wave) and other MP recovery forms will be useful

*Note that this damage likely comes from high-end gear, reforges, enchants, etc. etc. and is not necessarily the value that would be immediately achieved
**Also note that these skills consume Dorcha, so MP conversion and management will be essential. Even despite mage becoming more "complete", other talents and skills may still be desired for incorporation.

Alchemic Stinger skill showcase:

This one's pretty wordy so I'll defer to Snowie (thank you Snowie!):

Seven Nightmares Elite Alchemic Stinger:

Glen Bearna Alchemic Stinger:

These skills look really fun as well, and look at the damage spread!

Due to the nature of mage and archer now having multiple high damage options, this would make them more effective against Glenn Bearna's purported adaptive damage resistance (where spammed skills lose effectiveness). Mages and archers have the potential to also get hit less while doing DPS depending on how they maneuver and what skills they use, which may provide added longevity.

Final note:
***Ultimately, please do the things you want to do. Mage and archer are shiny for now, other talents will likely see updates later. Hopefully if anything they serve as examples for what more complete talents look like and give us a model for other content. Personally I'm excited for this and what's to come!

What are your thoughts?


  • DemoncatDemoncat
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    lame alchemic stinger looks dumb and boring as hell XD where Dark Mage looks awesome and badass^^ though dont really have interest in the NPC
  • CrimsọnCrimsọn
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    edited September 28, 2023
    Demoncat wrote: »
    lame alchemic stinger looks dumb and boring as hell XD where Dark Mage looks awesome and badass^^ though dont really have interest in the NPC

    "Looks dumb"

    I don't care how it looks as long as I can whoop asses with it.