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“Star Smelt Fishing” (JP Server Event)

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edited October 5, 2023 in Content from Other Regions

"Gorgeous lotus flower 2nd title"

"Oversized Daily Hoodie (male) and Strange Oversized Daily Hoodie (male)"
(I guess the strange part is that the guy wearing a skirt, which for Mabinogi isn't really that strange. lol).

"Oversized Daily Hoodie (female) and Weird Oversized Daily Hoodie (female)"
(Japanese are kinda funny and weird with this. I'm sure we will release this a little bit differently here).

"Romantic Flower Fishing Rod and Flame Magic Fishing Rod"
(We already have the latter rod here in this region, known as the Starblaze Fishing Rod).

"Undersea Fishing Chair"

I imagine it's possible we might get this for winter.